Heinz-Jörg Wurzbacher is a light artist from Koblenz, Germany and the founder (with Garry Krätz) of the light art photography project Electrical Movements in the Dark (EMD)

Light is (usually) electric current, and we visualize this current. We operate in the dark with various light elements in front of our cameras. And so the name of the project was - Electrical Movements in the Dark, short EMD .

Our works are not assembled and created by image editing programs such as Photoshop - they are created as a single long time-exposed photo…

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Bombay Hall

Let me start off by saying that before I’d gone here, I’d never had Indian food before. Situated on the corner of Wurzbach and Gardendale, the location is central for many and easy to get to. It’s also gotten a lot of positive reviews from News 4 San Antonio for it’s consistent cleanliness, and from Yelp.com for it’s consistent quality.

I was excited to try a restaurant known for it’s customer service and it’s quality food, but my expectations weren’t too high, as that combination is hard to find.

As I walked in, I was greeted by the manager of the restaurant and was shown to my seat quickly.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was warm and friendly, and the decor is filled with what looks like velvet paintings (gorgeously lit) and posters of Indian Beauty Queens.

My boyfriend and I decided to try out the buffet, since that was we’d heard so much about. Everything looked outstanding and smelled delicious, so I ended up starting with the Biriyani, Chicken Tikka Masala and a little Saag Paneer. The waitstaff kept the steaming hot and garlicky Naan stocked at our table; which was great with my Saag Paneer. The Biriyani was flavorful, buttery, and wonderful mixed with the salty and decadently spiced Tikka Masala.  There were many other choices there, including mango chutney, side salad, fish pakoras, Dal, and several curries.

 When I finished that plate, I made sure to make a second plate a little light, but I also wanted to try things that I wasn’t used to. There are plenty of items to choose from, with helpful descriptions of the plate if one isn’t familiar with the Indian term. I ended up with a plate of one vegetable samosa, a goat curry, and Indian barbecued chicken. I loved every single bite! The vegetable samosas are packed with spiced potatoes and green peas, and I love that they’re a little crispy. The goat curry is spicy and the goat is tender and flavorful. I loved the Indian barbecued chicken, it’s a fiery red, and it tasted like no barbecue I’d ever had! It was smokey, and you could really taste the variation of spices in it. 

For dessert, I had semolina cake, and rice pudding. I loved the cold semolina cake, as it wasn’t too sweet and you could really taste the flavors in the cake. The rice pudding was a little watery, but it tasted amazing none the less, with vanilla being the main focus of the dish. 

There should be something said of the service you get at Bombay Hall. The staff is so attentive that we didn’t have to ask once for something we needed. Any time my water was empty halfway or so, the waitress or even the manager was quick to refill the glass. I usually get this service at much more expensive restaurants, and certainly never at a buffet. I have to say that the amount of seemingly effortless service and variety of food will make Bombay Hall the favorite of any type of diner.

All in all we spent about $27 (not including the tip) for two buffets with outstanding service, a variety of food and a clean restaurant. It was money well spent, and I’ll be recommending this restaurant to everyone I know.

gene-technology replied to your photo: WE BROS

dang, why is your cat such a bro - mine holds the firm belief that human hands are a thing to prey on

He wasn’t always a bro! His previous owners (who only had him for about two weeks!) picked him up off the side of the freeway as a very, very tiny kitten. He has attachment issues that result in behavioral problems (stress induced cystitis/territorial urinating/excessive shedding/acting out to get attention/unusual fear of strangers, etc). His favorite naughty thing to do is knocking stuff off of my desk, in an attempt to get my attention. Sometimes those things have liquid in them, or are breakable. >:I

He’s gotten a lot better, though! He still knocks stuff off my desk (knocked a cup of coffee onto my scanner two days ago… ), but he’s less afraid of strangers (now he’ll come out in a few hours, instead of a few days!), and oh my god he is so NEEDY for ATTENTION and LOVE. He prefers to sleep on the back of the couch, next to me, and if he detects that I am awake/I’m playing with my phone, he’ll come down and try to nudge it out of my hands until I give my full attention to him. He can sit there and purr/cuddle for like, 45 minutes. He also likes to flop over onto his back into the crook of my arm. And he hugs hands.

I feel a little sad because I know his clinginess is at least partially because he has attachment issues, but he really is a sweetheart to me.