commeferre tagged me so here are 10 more or less interesting fact about myself

1. Nickname: I actually don’t think that I have one

2. Eye colour: brown

3. Hair colour: really dark brown

4. One fact about me: I think about getting my first tattoo next month or the month after that

5. Favourite colour: black. but as in actual colour, light green.

6. Favourite place: Pillnitz, Dresdens Großer Garten, Saxon/Bohemian Switzerland

7. Favourite celeb(s): I don’t care much about celebs to be honest, so I can’t say who are my favourites.

8. Favourite animal: birds

9. Favourite song: “Blasphemous Rumors” or “A Question Of Time” by Depeche Mode

10. Favourite book: maybe “Im Westen Nichts Neues”, maybe “Faust I” maybe something completely different, I can’t decide.

I tag jellyfishfestival ; dododaae ; sarrahxhabibi and broccoliofthebarricades

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They would come via DB, which means the delivery would most likely be late, confused and thoroughly traumatised. But hey, small sacrifices!

doesn’t matter I’ll take all the kisses i can get

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Hey there, how are you?


I’m fine. I had the best weekend ever and now I’m super tired and feel like I might get sick, but it was absolutely worth it and I’m already planning cosplays for the next conventions I’ll attend