adriennemariie said:

I'm just finishing my final year at university and I'm going to be venturing off into the real world in a few months. I know I want to get into business and become an entrepreneur despite my studies being in mathematics & child and youth studies. I've been doing my own homework on the side and I was just wondering what self-help/personal development/business books would you recommend? And what tips and tricks have you learned that you wish you knew when you were just getting started?

Congratulations on taking a step out on a limb and choosing to be an entrepreneur. This is an excellent question. I question I wished i asked when I started on my Here is my advice.

1.STAY FOCUSED: Know exactly what you want to do, be very detailed. Don’t be quick to change your goals. Be stern with your goals and flexible with your method.

2. TIME: when you become an entrepreneur you start  to realize how valuable time is. Learn to allocate and manage time efficiently. Your survival of your dream heavily depends on it. Don’t waste much time trying to convince people on your dream, they either get it or they won’t. Never fight time, learn to use it for your advantage

3.Read: I saw that you mentioned reading and that is wonderful. Personal Development is very essential to your survival as an entrepreneur. Always work on yourself 5x more than you do your business. Some great books to read are: 

            a. The Bible 

            b. Think Rich, Grow Rich

            c. Who Moved My Cheese

            d. The DreamGiver

            e. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

4. Be Humble: Pride is the worst thing to have as an entrepreneur, because when you make a mistake pride will tell you to quit. Pride will make you believe that what you are doing can never work because the way you tried before is the only way. Pride will keep you from learning and growing. Choose to be humble.

Those are the top 4 things I wish I knew when I started. I hope this helps. Congrats on almost graduating and enjoy your beautiful journey as an entrepreneur. Stay Blessed!!!

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