It started to hurt again
and I’m not sure where
to put my hands this time. 
I wish I could explain
how there’s this heaviness
inside that’s trying to make
a home out of my bones,
but I have no idea how to
stop the shaking anymore. 
I know I used to be braver
than this, but I haven’t
been myself in months.
—  wtmlost

Run Away With Me
“It’s a road trip! It’s about adventure!… It’s not like we have somewhere to go.”

Tightrope x Walk The Moon // Take a Walk x Passion Pit // Summertime x My Chemical Romance // Cough Syrup x Young the Giant // Jackrabbit x San Fermin // I Wanna Get Better x Bleachers // Geronimo x Sheppard // Riptide x Vance Joy // Tear in my Heart x Twenty One Pilots // Ways to Go x Grouplove // Pumpin Blood x NONONO // Miss Atomic Bomb x The Killers // Favorite Record x Fall Out Boy // Mr Jones x Counting Crows // What I Got x Sublime // She Will be Loved x Maroon 5 // No Story Time x Smalllpools // Come a Little Closer x Cage The Elephant // Dangerous x Big Data (feat. Joywave) // 1979 x Smashing Pumpkins

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Dear body,

I am so, so sorry.
I was young, and scared, and
you were always there 
on all the wrong moments.

I will spend the rest of my life
apologizing for all the days
that hurt too much to look back on.

I’m sorry for all the times I ruined you
when I didn’t mean to.
And I’m sorry for all the times I did.
I’m going to try to treat you better now.
I’m going to try.

—  wtm, to my body