so yesterday i went to leyton orient football club to watch team ymas (which was only josh and dan from ymas but oh well) play some football. we left kinda early and avoided some people because they suck and then it got to around the time we had to go in so we walked over and then jess was like “jodie there’s Dan” and he was just chilling with a group of people so we went over and had a picture and he was just as lovely as last time. and then everyone except us and a group of like four people went inside and two seconds later Josh came out and we had photos and talked to him. he was so nice and he looked SO attractive, there arent even words. then we went in and watched the games. we got so into it. we were literally screaming at josh when he missed the penalty. they lost in the end, but they got to the final and it was a great day. 

I went to the Sherlock Holmes museum yesterday with Jess and it was brilliant. I had such a great time. We got to take a little tour around their bedrooms and the study and there were life size models of people, which were a little creepy. There was a guest-book which you got to sign with your name, the date and where you’re from which was really nice and the most adorable little book with letters to Sherlock and Watson from all over the world. A little boy from the USA had written to them and he had said he’d help with cases, especially if they involved fish or dinosaurs and it was just the cutest thing.


me and Jess did the cinnamon challenge omg it was awful 

I went to the K! tour yesterday (17/2/12)

It was amazing. Me and Jess got there at 10:45 and were numbers 14 and 15 in the queue. Doors didnt open until 7, so we were kinda grouchy by the time we got in. We got to the barrier and made sure we were on the left, as Sean likes the left side of the stage. While She Sleeps were good, not really my kind of band, plus we couldnt hear them properly, it was the same with letlive. Then The Blackout, being the sarcastic bastards that they are, came on to Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. It was fab. the setlist was full of songs i adored, Sean showed us his nipples, kept making eye contact and smiling at us, practically eye-fucking us (no complaints here). We went to buy merch when they came of and just chilled at the back during New Found Glory, and they were great. They ended with My Friends Over You, with all the other bands on stage and Sean, being Sean, got on Chad Gilberts back and stole the mic to sing. I can honestly say it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. I love The Blackout so much and they always put on a good show. Lots of love for them.