Some say “summer bodies are made in winter” I’m just here like, this is a life time body I’m working on, life Time fitness. I want to be fit during all seasons…not jst for summer. I want to be able to run with future grand kids…so you see, I can’t jst workout to look good for a short season…but that’s just me tho ::shrugs:: #thismorning that’s why I have that #wtfFace #LetMeGoBack2Sleep

Rape Funny?
  • Guy —Makes rape joke—
  • Me:I don’t find that funny.
  • Guy,Were you raped or something?
  • Me:The only reason I can’t see the humor in someone being violated,would be because I was raped.Not because someone was violated because clearly that is a big joke to people who were not raped.
  • Guy:……….
  • Me:Based on your question,Are you a rapist since you find it so amusing?
  • Guy:It was just a joke.
  • Me:And so are you.