I'm a bit to ticked to be working on the comics right now cause.

THERE ARE NO PACIFIC RIM MODELS IN THE WORKSHOP! Which is bull s**t. I remember there being a fricken GYPSY DANGER model in the workshop. But it is removed apparently cause I cant find it.

Guys… since the last tf2 update i get massive lag issues. I´ve got a constant ping of 400+ no matter what server I play on. Other Online games are fine tho :C

Does anyone else get these ?

For some fucking reason... I can't buy anything on steam

I click on “Add to Cart” and it just brings me back to the main shopping window. Unless I don’t know where to find my fucking cart to cash out.

Maybe I’m just fucking retarded.

Another random dude on steam...
  • Me:Heya can i help you ? :)
  • Guy:Yeah i saw you sell that one card from T.E.C.3001 in the store for around a dollar ?
  • Me:Sure do ?
  • Guy:Well i don´t got the money but would you trade it ?
  • Me:Well i wanted to buy me a TF2 Item for it.
  • Guy:TF2 Is for losers play Call of duty dude.
  • Me:... ehm
  • Guy:What dude ?
  • Me:Yeah I´m sorry but if you want that card you need to buy it.
  • Guy:Aw come on dude please
  • *goes on for around 10 min.*
  • Me:For fucks sake man I don´t want to trade this damn card. You ether buy it or fuck off!
  • Guy:Fuck you man you´re an asshole scammer srsly
  • *blocks me*