As a general rule, I find it really infuriating that some people think you don’t need to be polite on the internet.

Someone once tagged one of my edits - the last scene of DN with visible credits - with ‘you’re telling me you couldn’t find a creditless version?”. They were basically scolding me for a graphic I spent time on and shared gratuitiously. I didn’t owe them anything. 

You’re talking to real people, through another means of communication than the language you usually speak, that’s all. 

Be polite, it’s not that hard.

my tumblr hasn’t worked till now but let me say:

1. thanks toei for ruining even aiolos in one of his few scenes ever
2. congrats for making aiolia fight with the sailor moon item and the odin armour, it makes sense, in fact a woman like lifia can’t fight even if she’s odin, because she’s also a woman, but it’s important to bring her back in the finale for romance, naturally i mean odin x aiolia, ship name: aiodin
3. odin you are the shittiest god ever, use your losers and stop leaning on saints for saving your ugly assfgard or just watch some marvel movies for improving the quality of life there wtf
4. surtrtrt instead of siggy saving hilda: “hey baby, what would you do if i were in that room with you and protected you ;)”

anonymous asked:

This fandoms process is so strange to me, like there can be lots of larry press and larry seeding and direct linking of the Bears to BOTH harry and louis, and everyone is agreeing they will come out together. And then a second later harry wears a rainbow bracelet given to him by a fan and suddenly he's more ready? I feel like we keep repeating this same cycle.

We are a fandom full of scared people singing the same songs over and over again.

odaliae asked:

Rachel, Rei, 20 (16 at heart), Demi-girl, Demisexual, from Singapour, with me (to confuse your followers a bit more <3), likes me, your ocs, food, dislikes BADLY COOKED food, arguments, and random fact, your room is infested by bugs

…………….you know way too much. You must be terminated.

(also, infested is such a strong word…I prefer…”invaded”. Besides, I only killed like 20+ bugs today. The death count is slowly climbing up as I type. I’m getting quite good at it.)

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Lmao im Australian nd we had huntsman spiders that lived in our house 1 was super chill and slow we called him Mr bumpy he was nice but the other was Mr grumpy and he was an asshole he chased people and was v angry

Same anon// we got so offended when people were scared of Mr bumpy but we also teased people who were super scared of Mr grumpy to hide our own fear of Mr grumpy because one morning my brother woke up with him on his face nd now we live in fear

Hell. No