wtf was that game

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so i’m playing skyrim when i show up at a stormcloak camp on my way to the northwatch keep and as i’m looking at this map i hear the telltale roar of a dragon

now i got out to look for and it’s at some bridge not too far off setting things on fire and all the soldiers around me get their weapons out and go after it

so this dragon, right? it’s flying around and i’m trying to recharge my flame staff and it goes off toward a valley and all i hear behind me is ‘yar!’ and ‘die, dog!’ accompanied by arrow noises and i’m kinda confused bc i’m looking at this dragon, which is not a dog, and i see no arrows hitting it and

then i turn around

and none of these fricken soldiers are even paying attention to the dragon setting someone’s house on fire, they’re focused on two wolves at the top of cliff that the wolves can’t climb down and they can’t climb up

i nearly pissed myself from laughing so hard