I wish I could go back approximately 549 days. Everything was so perfect then. Everyone was so happy. 
I need to stop living in the past, but I don’t know how…

25th of March

Performing day! 
So we did two performances in Bitche, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

walking to our performance theatre (:

 Briefing about what we had to do in prep for the showsss.

walking back to the school for lunch (after the first show I think?)

Chilling after lunch with the frenchies.

Chilling with hkc, andrew and shannon.

Before the evening show. (Mitchy has a nice face. hahaha )

Performing pictures! :)

Yeah, and then me my host and a few other people went out to a pub for our last night in Bitche :( 

23rd of March

So basically this day, in the morning we went to class with our hosts, then had a tour around Bitche :)

Quick photo for the paper :)

Just emailing and facebooking friends from their school computers. (I chose this photo because ben looks amazing. haha)

 Bumming around before walking around Bitche.

walking up to the citadel. :)

Views from the Citadel.

Inside the Citadel.

Citadel :)

Walking back down from the Citadel. The views were honestly so breathtaking! Bitche is beautiful. 

Just pictures taken as we were walking through Bitche. ♥

Then we got food and such from a supermarket, and went back and met our hosts. :)

and that was our day.

As of approximately Midday a year ago today, I returned from the most Amazing incredible experience of my life.

There are no words to describe how much I miss it.

I can’t begin to describe the absolute perfection of that month. Everyone was in a perfect place in their life, we were all at the same point in our lives, but at different times, connections like no other were established, everything was so perfect.

It hurts to look back at a time like this, because so much has changed, everyone split paths, we’re no where near the same point in our lives anymore, so much can happen in 365 days, things you could never imagine, but those things happen.

When asked for the most perfect day of my life, I would respond with this month. Because Its the closest thing to perfection I feel i’ve had. It was perfect because not much changed, but so much changed, we were all in harmony, we could read each other at a second glance.
Now no one can read anyone. Someone’s heart could be torn out of there chest and no one would notice. It is honestly so horrible.

I just want to be able to relive this experience more than anything else. I would give up everything just to relive this exactly as it is. 

I just want to be back on a bus, somewhere in europe, with someone asleep on me, or me asleep on someone else. Those are the moments that made everything seem perfect.

26th of March

travelling day. From Bitche, France to Usti Nad Orlici, Czech Republic, via Heidelberg, Germany. and Frankfurt and Prague Airports.

leaving Bitche. :(

 Heidelberg :)

Lunch in Heidelberg with some amazing kids (:

After Heidelberg, we travelled to Frankfurt Airport, and Flew out to Prague.A bus for us. (: 

And then we were on a bus to Usti Nad Orlici for like 2 hours, before arriving, and meeting our hosts and heading back to sleeep, after a super long day. :)

22nd of March

I have 5 days worth of posts to do, :|

Okay, so this day, was another day of travel, we coached it from Amsterdam, to Bitche in Northern France, via Trier. 

The Last of the Netherlands. It was so beautiful.

The beautiful country side throughout the Rhine Valley.


German Maccas for lunch. We decided it necessary to photograph the Happy Meal box because it was in German :)

Trier was so beautiful.

Cool cardboard cut out of a police man. 

After stopping in Trier, we continued on to Bitche.

The citadel above Bitche. It’s so beautiful. 

And that was our day. We then went home with our hosts, :)

21st of March

So this day, I was pretty tired, and we went out for Lunch in Harderwijk, but my host was really sick, so she didn’t come.

So basically I slept in, went out for lunch, then walked around the town for a bit.Everyone was sooo awake and not hungover. hahahaha.

And that was basically our day.
I can’t even remember what else I did. I think I had a nap.  
That was our last full day in the Netherlands. ♥ 

19th of March

This day was our first full day in the Netherlands, our performance day, and our lovely tour leader, Andrew’s Birthday (:

This theatre was basically overflowing for all 3 of our Performances :’)

People chilling/warming/tuning up backstage.

This was our host school. Look how lovely the building is! 

So that was our day. 3 Performances. 3 standing ovations. One long, amazing day. 

& Happy Birthday Andrew :)

18th of March

So basically we had to get up super early and pack our bags and stuff. Then we had a choice to either go shop in amazing shops, or go to like a museum or something? Clearly I chose to go shopping :) It was so fun. I love Urban Outfitters and H&M so much :’)

And theeeeeeen, we went to the London Eye :)
It was so amazing. ljhkgjfhtgfhmj,jk. I convinced my friend she could see the Eiffel tower when we were on the eye, it was pretty hilarious, because she told the teachers she could see it. haha (:

The views were AMAZING. It was just so amazing :)

Then after that we had to go to the Airport, leaving for the Netherlands. 

And that was the last we saw of England.

So basically, we then arrived in the Netherlands, and we went to our host school where we met our hosts, and left with them.

It was a busy, amazing day. I miss England so so much :( 

17th of March

(a day late, so I’ll do the 18th right after this one)

In the morning, we departed our host school and headed for London :D

So basically we drove through the lovely country side of England,

until we reached London!

We got like a tour guide on our bus and we drove around London and got to see super duper pretty places!  Our tour guide :) hahaha

Everyone looking super happy in front of Buckingham Palace. Just casually performing Holy Grail in front of Buckingham Palace, and some random guy decided to join in on the right.this is my favourite picture that I took all tour (: I edited it though, because it was slightly obstructed because I took it in a bus, and part of the window frame-y thing was in the way (:

Harry Potter Bridge! :)

So we drove around London some more, and got massive history lessons and looked at amazing buildings, and then we headed to the Globe Theatre. 
Inside the Globe theatre :) It was beautiful! and the acoustics were amazing.

- - After wandering around, we had to head back to the other side of London through peak hour, to get to the Hostel we were staying in for the night to get ready to head to the west end for dinner and a show.
It was suuuuuuch a mess. We caught the underground, and then we were late for our dinner reservations, so basically we all split up and had like 30 minutes to go get food before we had to be back to see Oliver, (tbh I don’t even like Oliver).  
My group found a small little pizza place to have dinner, and we like made them cook our food super fast. (: It was also St. Patricks day, and some random drunk guy came up and hugged me. D: - -

Everyone inside the theatre after Oliver :)
Not gonna lie, alot of people did fall asleep at times. maybe including me

London at night (:

And then we headed back to the Hostel on the Underground, and slept for probably a minimal amount of time. (: 

I miss this :(

14th of March

Yeah so I actually have 0 photo’s of this day. so yeah. :/

My group arrived in England, and we had like a massive bus to ourselves, so we did an accapella version of our entire show.

And then we arrived at the school and met our billets and then got to spend the day with them. My billets took me on a lovely drive through the country side, and I basically spent the whole time trying not to fall asleep. I was so tired. But it was so prettty! :D I love england so much!
Then I slept for two hours before we had dinner, and then another 12 after.

And that was pretty much my day, I also spent alot of time missing everyone who was stuck in philly :(

7th of March

On this day a year ago, we travelled to the picturesque Lake Louise and Banff.

the teachers chilling outside the bus waiting for the rest of the group :)

The amazing surroundings ahead that were about to engulf us.

Lake louise and it’s picturesque beauty.

41 of the most amazing people you will ever meet.

Just the general amazingness of Canada.♥

Banff. This is honestly one of my favourite places in the world. It is beautiful. We shopped and had some lunch in banff :)

Just casually on a Gondola

Incredible breathtaking views from the top of the gondola.

my lovely fishbuckets, whom I adore :) they’re the best ever.

And that was pretty much our day, I also almost got stabbed with an icicle by my friend, and we had maccas for lunch, and the guy that served me had a lovely french accent :)  

This was honestly one of the most amazing days ever ♥

20th of March

Doing 20th and 21st today, coz I forgot yesterday.

Okay, so this day was actually one of my favourite days. We went into Amsterdam, and it was so so so amazing!

That is like a car park, but for bikes. Because EVERYONE rides EVERYWHERE. :)

The first thing we did, was go on a river boat thing :)

Just the amazing beauty that is Amsterdam :’)

That is a house, one that’s just one window wide. It would be SO tiny inside.

Bike anyone? :)

It was absolutely breathtaking (:

This place had good sandwiches. 

Yeah, so after we got food, we walked through the red light district. It was uh, interesting. 

So pretty :’)

Having a happy stroll through Amsterdam in the rain?

Yeah. So after walking through Amsterdam, we headed to a Clog and Cheese farm/factory thing. 

cheese/clog factory. It smelt SOOO bad. 

Cheese anyone? ;D oh wow I’m so funny and mature.

we got shown how to make clogs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clog machine. :(

Just chilling in front of a windmill, with the teachers trying to be cool at the back.

Then back into Amsterdam to this lovely little busy market.

Andrew and Giang eating some feral smelling fish thing. 

And then basically, It started pissing down with rain, and we had to run back to the bus, and got absolutely soaked in the process. D:

Yeah, so then we went back home with our hosts, and for dinner we had pancakes? it was actually the best ever.

And then we went to this bar thingo called ‘De Mac’. omg. :’)
It was quite fun. The alcohol aspect especially :D 
Everyone looking especially Lovely and red faced and sober.

And that was pretty much our day.

16th of March

So basically this day, was our performing day.

So we went to classes with our hosts in the morning,
and then performed :)

 Just some pictures from the shows that day :)

After the last show, we had like food and stuff with all our host families, and people involved in us being there, people.

And then we had to do a bush dance thing unfortunately. :|

The only good thing about doing the bush dance, was getting to dance with hot british boys :)

And that concluded our last day in Macclesfield. (:

15th of March

I actually loved this day so Much.

So first my group met at our host school, and then we went to the airport to pick up everyone else who had finally arrived.

Then we headed to Warwick Castle.
 Everyone outside Warwick Castle. It was actually so Beautiful.

View looking out across the village from the walls of the castle :)

walking up all the stairs to go around the walls actually killed me, my legs were shaking for so long afterwards.

After Leaving Warwick, we headed to Stratford-upon-Avon and had lunch, and then went to Shakespeare’s place of birth.

Because red telephone boxes amazed us! they’re so cooool! :D 

It was so absolutely stunning :)

Shakespeare’s house. It was so lovely and amazing, and old fashion-ish. :D 

So pretty much everyone just slept while we were on the bus, because everyone was exhausted, espesh people coming in from philly.

And that was our amazing day of amazingness. It was actually one of the best, most memorable days of my life :)