Women of Saturday Night Live - Tina Fey.

For my first show at ‘SNL’, I wrote a Bill Clinton sketch, and during our read-through, it wasn’t getting any laughs. This weight of embarrassment came over me, and I felt like I was sweating from my spine out. But I realized, ‘Okay, that happened, and I did not die.’ You’ve got to experience failure to understand that you can survive it.

Women of Saturday Night Live - Kristen Wiig

Every week we’re producing and writing and acting in a movie. On Monday we don’t have anything for the show yet, and it’s on Saturday. You get a little frantic. But that’s what’s so cool about the job, is that the energy there. On Saturday nights, when it’s a live show, you can’t beat the energy there. And definitely performing live has made me less nervous on a movie set. To me that’s like the most nerve-wracking thing in the world, doing live TV and trying to make people laugh.

Women of Saturday Night Live - Rachel Dratch

You know what? What I didn’t want to do was pretend that I had any answers about women in comedy and Hollywood. I just wanted to tell my story and what I was experiencing because some other women might have a totally different experience. Maybe it’s me! I don’t know. I didn’t want to seem like, “Oh, the man is keeping me down!” This is just what actually happened. I actually was much more optimistic about my career even after 30 Rock, but literally, these auditions I would get … I wasn’t exaggerating. I was only getting auditions for obese people or 65-year-old people. Or butch lesbians. That was it! Then I realized it was my reality. No amount of meetings or auditions and convincing people, “Well, I’m different!” would change anything. I just had to accept what was coming my way, so that’s what I wrote about. I don’t think I have some sociological “women in Hollywood” message.

Women of Saturday Night Live - Maya Rudolph.

[Gilda Radner] got me thinking that Saturday Night Live was where all the fun was, hanging out with all these cool, funny people and having a ball all the time. I wanted to be her. And then I wanted to be her friend so I could hang out with her. I rolled her into a ball with Madeline Kahn, Bernadette Peters, Lily Tomlin, Cloris Leachman, Gene Wilder, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Bette Midler, Mae West, and my mother.