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Boy do we have a treat for you lovely patrons tonight!

One of our newer additions to the Cabaret — some of you know him as Wally — has brought a pole onto the stage for his set.

Without further ado — here he is, Wallace ‘Wrong’ Rosini!

One More Cup Of Coffee

The actor groaned softly as he looked at his coffee machine. Something called to him in the back of his mind, but he couldn’t figure out what it—Oh.


Broadway smiled as he sleepily pulled his phone out of his pocket.

[Text]: Hey, you awake?

[Text]: How would you feel about having our little coffee-Movie night tonight?

At Noon PST today the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass site will stream the funeral of its late benefactor Warren Hellman.  

"Money is like manure. If you hold on to it, it stinks," he told The Times last year, after pumping $5 million into the local Internet journalism enterprise the Bay Citizen. ”But if you spread it around, good things grow.”

Just a few years ago I spent a lot of time with Warren so, I’m one of many that will attest to his character, zeal and his love for a deal and fun.

Wears me Down to Bones in Bed [Open Rp]

After his night’s set, he went about his routine of presetting for the next night and heading out into the house to chat with patrons of the Cabaret.

He gave all who passed him a friendly smile and a curt nod or even a small hello, looking about for Greedy and Freddie. They normally showed up whenever he performed and seeing as Greedy was now his eyes and ears for his second job, he needed to keep in contact with him as much as possible.

Closed 3/25

Wally’s blog is now closed.

I’m leaving it up for the URL and archive.

If you wish to Rp with me or got questions, contact me at my main blog here. I can give you my Skype if you ask me there. [ My ask box is notorious for eating messages, so try sending a fanmail instead if I don’t reply at first! ]