Mourning Lisa

Paint there’s paint all over her face she’s wearing a mask a mask that won’t come off. Why is Mona Lisa smiling when she’s really depressed
Fake smiles, empty laughs can you hear the hollowness in her voice. Her mask is cracking she reaches for the blunt hoping the smoke will disguise her hide her from herself
Getting high at a dead end trying to lie to herself she whispers I’m okay
With that halfway smile she fools the world life’s been nothing but cruel to her
She sits alone in an empty room and stares at the walls contemplating on how she could end it all
It could be so easy one bullet straight to the head no need to mourn because inside she was already dead.
But nobody saw and nobody knew Poetry by Forest Love

Lord in charge

Everybody wants to rule the world but im the bitch in charge. Crowned by the loners’ tears, walking through my enemies’ thrones.
But even though no mercy is shown, always a part of the tore girl stood on alive.
Now, switch on your crowd alliances and forces, cause the lord in charge has awaken with fury and no remorses, Wedded with the magnum army allowed to take everybody’s soul down to hell, whose rooms have been conquered by the queen in charge.
You can hide, you can pray,
But as soon as you got caught, in living you got the hell,
Only the pure, innocent and faithful entities could save their souls, but as i walk judging, no body is remaining,
All i see is tears, blood and pain, which feed me all along the days.
They are asking now for the misericordia they didn’t show me then, for the redemption they didn’t allowed me to get.
But i swear to my loyalty, and i sell my soul to the revenge’s wings, in order to provide the same punishment to all the hypocrites living on earth.

Amor Efímero.

En el cielo apagaron las luces,
Ya el sol por mi ventana no azomaba,
Mientras esperaba agotada,
Al amor que nunca llegaba.
A diario al cielo miraba,
Mas tus ojos allí no hayaba,
Era todo una mentira,
Tù en mi busca no andabas.
Todos los dias lloraba,
Mis noches y horas se tornaron amargas,
Pues mi corazon sentía y pensaba,
Que nunca sería amada,
Pero muy errada estaba,
Y con el tiempo la tristeza quedó olvidada,
Yo reía, cantaba y soñaba,
Como si por amor nunca hube estado destrozada.