An Ode to 2013

Looking back on this entire year, I’ve definitely come along way. I’ve made more friends than I ever thought I would, gotten a few glimpses as to what my future career holds for me, grown more wiser and more motivated than I’ve ever been and I’ve gotten more control of my Life and who/what comes in and out of it. Although there were some rought spots that seemed like dead ends, I couldn’t have made it with the support of my family and friends. Near or Far, I’m only a message away if you guys ever need me. As 2014 is only hours away, I look forward to creating more memories to he cherished, making more lifelong friends, and most importantly, bettering myself every day I possibly can :)

Rocksareblue rocks you guys, let me just put that out there: A+, would follow numerous times, you guys should all traipse over to his blog and follow him if you aren’t already.

Anyways, he tagged me in this really cool thing and so here goes!


1: always post the rules 

2: answer the questions you were tagged on and make five new ones

3: tag five people and link them to your post

4: let them know they were tagged

Rocksareblue’s Questions:

1. What’s your favorite food?

      Umm, I always fall back on lasagna when in doubt, just because there are so many possibilities and the cheese and pasta and shape and texture are just SOOOOOO good! :D
2. Least favorite genre of music?

      Gangster rap, generally rap, but I have found some very artful rap artists as of late and I thought they were a really cool find and learning lesson for me - so that I don’t hate a whole based on a few or a majority.
3. Who/What keeps you going?

       The fact that I am lucky enough to breathe on in this beautiful world keeps me on my feet and energized almost constantly.  Even when I say I’m bored, I’m doing something because I’m not really bored, it’s just become a habit to say that, what with the mass populations using it as a scapegoat phrase/technique.
4. You’re on an island for 3 months. Name the first 3 things that come to mind.

      1-WHYMEWHEREISEVERYONEI’MSOALONEI’MGONNADIEoooooooooooh that’s a pretty sunset!  2 - Am I alone on this island?  3- If I am:  *screams with joy, throws clothing off, goes swimming, no idea what next, but yeah I get alone time - just me and my thoughts*
5. What was your first memory?

I don’t remember…. D:

My Questions for you:

1.)  What does your ideal house look like right now in your head?

2.)  Would you string christmas lights and cool lamps all over your house and room if you could?

3.)  Do you like gardens?

4.)  What is your favourite place/kind of place to be on cool Autumn evenings?

5.)  What are your top five favourite flowers?

People I am tagging:

anonymous asked:

Use 3 of your followers' urls

Oh boy, that was a clever use of that ask thing.

Alright (*Disclaimer:  I am simply answering this upon request and choosing people I don’t interact with in real life after scrolling through all my followers to do so, if I use your url and you want me to take down this post for some reason just ask me to - I’ll gladly oblige.)

I would be delighted to get drunk under the circumstances of dinner and lots of conversation along with a bit too much to drink with mmoments-and-memories.  Your mind and thoughts and the things you choose to share based thereupon are constantly intriguing to me.

In regard to who I would sleep with, I can’t determine that from simply a person’s blog-posts and would have to get to know said person before entertaining the idea in the first place.  Granted there are quite a few incredibly attractive followers I have, but the mind is the bit that matters, so that url is TBA! (Not really, though.)

And as to who I would marry:  If I had to choose someone who wasn’t in my life (or who is without a tumblr) that is following me I would say writingthefuturenow, because Graceanne is amazing to say the least, and I admire her greatly on many accounts.  (By the way, Graceanne writes some delightful acoustic songs and you should check them out on her blog - I really love them.)