PFMD News/Teaser

Ugh, I’m so terribly sorry, but I’m putting a temporary hold on the updating of Please F*ck My Dad chapters. 

I’ll still be writing this fic, I’m still madly in love with this fic, but getting out a chapter a week is stressing me out, so I’ll continue writing it but I want to be at least four chapters ahead before I start posting chapters again.

Don’t be discouraged if you see me posting other fics, though. There are a couple of one-shots I’ve been working on, as I normally do, that are nearing completion. Me finalising them does not mean that I’ve given up on PFMD because I haven’t and I never will. 

I hope to keep you all interested with:

  • the final part of Hawthorn Boys’ College
  • the final part of Nothing’s Carl-Proof
  • the final part of The Inspiration (porn for Gardenofblueroses)
  • The Ad (porn for Merrabeth)
  • Hunter (angsty death fic)


For now, I’ll leave you with a teaser for the next chapter:

And it finally looked like Yev was about to tell Mickey what it was that was on his mind when the shit hit the fan. “Dad, I need to tell you — is that a hickey?”

Mickey’s first reaction was apparently the wrong one. He clasped a hand to the side of his neck, the right side since that was the side Yev could see from his point of view for the first time that day, and that told Yev everything Mickey didn’t want him to know. “What?”

“Oh my God!” the boy exclaimed. “It is!”

“I never said that.”

“No, because you should’ve said ‘well no, son, it’s not a hickey because I haven’t had anyone sucking on my neck lately’,” Yev poorly imitated his father’s voice. “The fact that you didn’t say that tells me that you’ve recently had someone sucking on your neck.”


“Did you have sex?”

Fucking shit.

today i learned how to fold newspapers into roses.

i never knew how addicting it could be until i had a box overflowing with them. one had crooked edges as though it had been chewed on by a toothless child. another one was the color of the sky. there was one that reminded me of you with its curled edges and sly smiles.

i like these roses better for three reasons: they had no thorns, they will never die, and just because they were made today during this year’s first april shower.

despite having no thorns, they had sharp edges. i made the mistake of burrowing my hand in them, thinking it would be like putting your hand in a sack of beans in the market when the shopkeeper isn’t looking. there are just a few things worse than papercuts and i can’t think of one right now.

but upon closer inspection, these roses started to smell like old people’s hands. and the smallest of the bunch had the story of a plane crash on one petal and a girl raped by eight men in a small village south of town on another.


Writers or Journalists Needed!

Interested in writing about psychology news or sharing your take on various topics that you learn in class? 

Email us your interest at psych2go@outlook.com about yourself and how much time commitment you have for this.  You don’t have to necessarily have a psychology degree. In fact, if you’re just studying psychology or intending to down the road, you can still apply to become a writer!

We’re mainly looking at creating a place where everyone can share something that they found interesting and want to share with the rest of our followers!

The perks for you are:

1. You can use us a reference down the road as a contributing writer or intern.

2. You can tell your social network and friends that your article was published with us.

3. You can get people on tumblr to read your writing and chime in on a discussion with you! Potentially, make friends too!

Let us know what you think of this! The email to send your interest to is: psych2go@outlook.com.

@hurt-beast-at-her-best  Yeah that works too! There is no real requirements for the casual posting. Be sure to send us an email :)

Fanfic News

Hey all!

So, Four Years will definitely be updated this weekend- woo!  It’s a collection of short scenes showing what everyone is up to over the summer.  It features everyone except Joe and Tai (sorry, Joe and Tai D:  Maybe next chapter!)

I am currently working on a Jyoumi drabble for On-My-Love.  It will be posted…  Well, whenever I finish it, more or less!  XD

Please look forward to it :D

Landey Manor

From a post earlier today in which I was mentioned, my quaint little Superphantom story was mentioned. I decided that it’s probably about time to address the issue. See, a lot of people seem to like the fic, or at least the idea behind it. A lot of people except for me. I’m in a constant cycle of writing until I improve, which is a good thing, but then I look back at my old writing and cringe and I really don’t want to go near that, which is bad when I’ve put it online.

Official notification saying that I’m trying, but the writing is not happening nearly as fast as I want it to. Anybody is allowed to adopt either the story or the idea, please notify me, and if nobody wants to adopt, I have about half a chapter after like three months, so I guess patience is necessary.

Kay. That’s it. Later.

The news I’ve been waiting for

A couple of psychologists were asking for a specific Borderline Personality Disorder themed story/description for an anthropology book they are publishing.

Specifically, Dr. Perry Hoffman, president of the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder, and John Gunderson, whom is on the scientific board.

As some of you know, I posted about it a bit ago, saying some psychologists were asking for a story revolved around BPD and the way it has affected their lives, personal development, recovery, lessons learned, etc.
I sent mine in, and I didn’t mention anything about it here because I had to wait and see if it was accepted amongst the publishers and everyone else.

So, just yesterday, I received an email back from Dr. Hoffman… and, I GOT ACCEPTED!
My dear friend whom is also a great writer (porcelaindissonance) also sent one in and got accepted as well!!!!

The book is (as far as I know) going to be called “Crossing the Border.” All book proceeds will go to support the work of National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder.

I am so, so, very happy. Especially considering I was even disappointing in what I wrote,  did it in only a few days, not much time to work on it, and found out about it out of NO where.
And especially because I got to include my master.
THANK YOU so much to everyone that read it and helped me look it over, brain storm, etc- tainteddreamer89, nothingpretentious, and also porcelaindissonance.

If anyone wants to read what I wrote, I posted it here (x)