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diagnosed w/ Inattention ADHD at 20 as well as math impairment. I've always felt more at home in fictional tv shows/books an w/ characters than real people and focus on them for periods of times, fluctuating w/ dif fandoms or people. I retain more info regarding those areas or even w/ clebs, but when it comes to things like math or higher level science I can't recall simple formulas. Writing and reading has always been easy for me so i'm wondering why this all is. maybe a low form of Ocd ?

Okay, so first of all it’s not uncommon for people who have difficulties in academic or especially social areas to prefer fictional worlds. It’s also very common for ADHDers to have fluctuating special interests, so that we’re all gung-ho for one thing for like a week or a month and then abruptly switch to something else. On top of that, it’s WAY easier to remember information about things we’re really interested in.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that you have difficulty remembering formulas for math and science; you say you have a math impairment, so math is hard. That will automatically make anything related to math more difficult. On top of that, the formulas are probably not being committed to your long-term memory, which means you’re relying on working memory and that is a thing that is typically impaired in ADHD.

TL;DR - All of these things can be explained by ADHD and your math impairment.


Fanfiction Meme

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Okay, so… 

10. Which fic has been the easiest to write?

This is actually really easy since Indecent Acts fell out of my brain fully formed like Athena. It was almost unnatural. I didn’t stop to eat  and I let my coffee go cold without touching it because I was scared I was going to disrupt whatever magic had me writing ridiculous porn as fast as I could type. 

15. If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?

Ummmmmm…… I should probably say SofA, since Its so big and is eating my life. Also because there would be such epic kissing, and I approve of that. But I’d rather see Doesn’t Matter, which is a Super Duper Depressing Sherlock piece. It’s very art school, but It was written with a very cinematic set of images in my head, specifically the way that the memories faded out to the present, and the way I used text as a reveal in that. It’s very saturate colors in my head. And then cuts to the present in a washed out pallette, First washed out in greys, then for the final moments, blown out it too much white. It would be too painful for me to watch, but yeah, I’d like that one filmed. 

28. Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

Oooooh boy. Thats a doozy, and not very nice since Meph knows I read freaking everything. Ummmm, well, you asked now, so you’re getting a reflection of my current mood. 

paranoidfridge is one of my sources of endlessly creative ways of tormenting the boys. Episodes hasn’t been lower than the third page of my Ao3 history since I first read it, and some of them I have read so many times I could probably recite sections from memory. Fridge is so good at keeping reader attention, I’m jealous, so I emulate it. 

bubbysbub because of the incredible character building and dialogue. And world building. Can’t forget the world building, not with the glory that is Woods. Everything Bubbysbub makes seems to be twice as creative as anything I think of. It is engaging and well sculpted. Every chapter has a clear shape and whatever the tonal goal is, I’ve never seen it slip. Her HBB fic gave me nightmares. I was pissed at the time, now I’m impressed. 

amberstarfight (Lilithiumwords on Ao3) The world building. Mahal, the world building. And the incredible patience. And the exquisite prose. And the fact that Pain Bearer is a nod to Kushiel. And the idea of a modern au still in ME where the dwarves still recall a lot of their past. And for Hidden Desires. And for, just… Durinulabbân, everything. Lilithium is incredible. 

Why is coming out as transgender so difficult?
Maybe because we’re scared of what we don’t understand? But the word still scares me even though I figured out I was transgender a few years ago now. I used to hide behind the word ‘gay’ because that was something everyone could understand. But lately I’ve not had that security blanket.

Why come out at all then?
For me coming out online isn’t just about informing people that I might start to look a little different the next time we meet. It’s mainly about me wanting to share another chapter of my story and rejoicing. Because no one has lost a daughter, a sister or friend. I’m still here, just a lot happier, and my “transness” does not define me.

Thank you in advance for your support, I’m happy to start a two-way conversation here. This wasn’t easy to write but a weight has been lifted doing it :)

Psa kinda thingy;;

Even though I don’t have a character list anymore, I still roleplay Harley and Delsin with the people they’ve met before or if someone ask for them. Their pages can still be found from /delsin and /harley, so if you ever need to check something about them, it’s still there.
This is a change I ended up making because I feel like I’m lost with those two characters and Steve has been so easy to write the past few months. That’s all :)

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"I should have come sooner if I had known what would happen."

                                                                  ( RESCUE STARTERS )
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                    And if he hadn’t?    If Benjen had never found out what transpired 
                        beyond the wall,        had never heard of Jon’s trials with the Free 
                        Folk,    his attempts to save the watch from Mance’s army, would
                        he have returned?        Jon could not help the childish part of him 
                        that saw Benjen’s disappearance as a betrayal,     the part of him 
                        that had only ever truly wanted a family,       and clung to the only 
                        remnants of the name STARK that remained, an uncle whom he 
                        truthfully knew little of. 

                                     ❝ No one could have predicted this. ❞

           Eyes of stone and flint remained averted momentarily, a winter gaze set on the
             horizon as    Jon reflected on the months that had passed since his sword had
             fell Qhorin Halfhand,     the smoke that lay in a haze over Castle Black a legion
             of ghosts,     whispering reminders of the dead that had fallen on either side of 
             the battle.         Blood could still be found spattering snow and dirty stone, and 
             whether it was wildling or crow blood, it still stained CRIMSON.    Blood was 
             blood and death was death;       Free Folk and Sworn Brothers alike would still 
             both rise at night and come to kill you if their bodies weren’t burnt. 

                                  ❝ We thought you were dead. ❞

           He returned his gaze to Benjen,   a dark brow furrowing ever so slightly as he 
             regarded the weather-worn visage of his uncle,        searching for the familiar, 
             the part of Benjen he knew if not well, well enough, to find some sort of truth. 
             To believe that he had died had been easier -  the explanations, while that he 
             had once thought to be of story and legend,               he himself had seen the 
             consequences of. But to have survived so long, to have left, only to return so 
             mysteriously, Jon could not help the suspicion that mingled with his curiosity.


So I am not that proud that I am writing a young adult vampire fiction book but honestly I am really happy with it so far. it has been easy to write and I already finished the first draft. I am halfway done with the second draft too! I am hoping to publish it within the next month too. It is really strange and probably shows my age and interests well that it flowed out of me so quickly and easily. I am just really surprised at the whole ordeal. I will definitely use a pseudonym purely because I dont want it to go under my own name. That is reserved for works that arent young adult in nature. Anyways, i just felt like sharing.

Story Generator

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Hilarious short story generator. Write your own story in thirty seconds by entering some keywords or letting our automated system choose some for you. Story writing has never been so quick and easy.

Dennis T OConnor’s insight:

Something to try in class or out.  Flipped classroom possibilities? Story starts? Prompts? Fun? 

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Story Generator

See on Scoop.it - 6-Traits Resources

Hilarious short story generator. Write your own story in thirty seconds by entering some keywords or letting our automated system choose some for you. Story writing has never been so quick and easy.

Dennis T OConnor’s insight:

Something to try in class or out.  Flipped classroom possibilities? Story starts? Prompts? Fun? 

See on plot-generator.org.uk

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five times loved


it has never been easy for me to walk away; i cling, i confess, and I know that you would sooner me left you alone, but i can only imagine that if i do not wind my fingers in your hair and kiss you more than i have any right to you will realize that there is nothing in me you could not find elsewhere, and with fewer needs and fewer damages.
so I kiss you in love and I leave you in love, and though there are times i ache for your hand on my waist like a dying man aches for a bullet and there are times when I want nothing more than to breathe you in like smoke off a cigarette, i have learned you are my panacea and to you i am less than cough syrup.


i won’t call it love. not to your face, not out loud. i let my obsession for you die loudly in my mind. i have learned that i spoil everything that i name; i will say you are horrible. i will call you a bastard. i will say you are ruining my life. my love is a leash, it is a noose, and i have seen it kill so many beautiful things before; it is better for my unspoken words to choke me than you.


she was the last pure thing i ever had; i remember her father pressing the pocket watch into my palm with the finality of a dying man. he gave me the rest of their lineage that day, condensed millions of years of undying ancestors in a cold finality. it was so heavy in my hands that day, i felt like i was carrying her entirety with me when I put it in my pocket; on some level i understood that when her father gave to me the last trace of his daughter, he was giving me everything that he was.
i hope i got the same message across to you.


i almost tried to hold fast to that tan envelope but the smile you gave me coaxed it right out of my fingers the way whiskey coaxes confessions from tight lips; they were transcriptions of radio transmissions i’d picked up down south in between smiles and nods and playing the part of a compliant citizen. i’m sure they’re not missed, just another bit of NCR paperwork lost under beige and white and coffee mugs.
but still— if i start to think too hard about where those reports and admissions of weakness are going i start to regret, and if i start to regret too much, i just look at you and forget that anxiety can live beside adoration.


i aggressively weed through my memories for every time you have scared me. i allow myself no room to doubt that the silver at my ear is not a blade.

Personal Entry

I’ve found that when I forget my passions I begin to forget myself. I always feel the need to over correct for what I lack; a thousand I love you's to those who make me feel the most minute amount of sorrow, venom spit at those who threaten me. I have only just awoken to the fact that I am more volatile, more… awake when I allow myself to write. For the past several months I have forgotten where my intrigue lies in a bed of phlegmatic decision and tiresome thought. It has never been easy to just write what I’m feeling or experiencing in a simple sentiment, it’s always came in a harrowing wave of picturesque metaphor and the kind of mental imagery that can’t always be described. I worked myself into the habit of shoving off all intellect with an eye roll and saying “get over yourself, Adrianna”. Oh, but this is why I’ve felt like a corpse. My inability to deal with all of the thoughts circulating around my mind has fermented into something far more insidious than just crying myself to sleep. It’s the love for literature and language inside of me that is still very much alive, all this time I was reeling over my humbleness and humility while my thoughts where shriveling up and dying off inside my very skull. So, on a whim, I bought a laptop to feed my famished fingertips. I promise myself that I will never let my love for writing, nonetheless anything else, dwindle away to nothing. Existential crisis’ aren’t always so bad. This one has awoken me to all my short fallings and allowed me to grow a little more as a human. Embrace yourself, Adrianna. You are dazzling and brilliant and intimidating and you have serious power. Welcome home, again.

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your writing has always been impeccable. it has this flow to it that makes it easy to read, yet somehow provides an elegance that enhances your character. from what I have seen thus far, your characterization is amazing. each word you use only emphasizes the fact that your character is a thing of beauty and grace. you managed to mix a fancy feel with a more modern way of writing, and it's very lovely. so yes, you're doing a bang up job, but that's a given since you're amazing

                 i am literally just speechless right now???? i REALLY want to visit you through the ( internet ) and wrap you in a really big hug because this is probably one of the NICEST things i have ever received. thank you so much!