I find it curious when people speak of Rachel Duncan as if she needs to be entirely psychotic or entirely misunderstood. I actually find her considerably more terrifying when it’s revealed that she isn’t a total robot—because this means she has the capacity for moral judgment, and chooses to disregard it in favor of power. It isn’t, Oh, how sad, she just needs to be loved and taught the error of her ways—if anything, that’s more a Helena-type storyline. Rachel did know love. She was raised (at least for a while) in love, and still chooses aggression first. She feels pain and loss and possibly even guilt—and this does not change her tendencies, or, more importantly, her pride. I find that fascinating. And utterly, utterly horrifying, because here is a woman with the capacity for kindness—who chooses, instead, to crush everyone she meets underfoot. 

Zutara - Our Ending by ~happyzuko

there’s something really great about being a tutor. alhamdulilaah essay writing has always been easy for me so when i meet someone who is having a lot of difficulties and the frustration and stress can be seen in their eyes it makes me really sad. so i work really hard to help them and get them one step closer to succeeding in their class. and when our session comes to an end their face is totally different. they’re happy and you can see a bit of hope in their eyes. they’re now starting to believe that they can do it and its not as hard as it seemed. and that makes me feel good. making someone’s day a little bit less stressful and a pinch happier is what makes me forget how much i hate waking up early in the morning.  

I wish I was better at putting the way I feel into words because objectively I’m a good writer but writing creatively has never been easy for me.

myladychele said:

Enjoyed your story as always! Sarcasm an all.. everything you write has always been an easy read. You never seem to have a dull lull in any story. As always thank you. For sharing your artwork! ♡♡

Thanks for reading hun <3

a secret, new project

since my classes are on hold for what seems forever and i’m here loathing in self pity, i decided to make a simple tiny zine

it will be called ‘i don’t want eternity’ and it’s so personal i decided to make it

it will be tiny and simple but will contain complicated thoughts that go around my mind more often than not and probably around other people’s mind too who (perhaps) are in the same situation as me (and im not referring to the school strike)

i’ll try to illustrate everything as well as i can but i hope to finish it soon, so i’m posting this here in case i ever forget about it so ill try to post it entirely very soon!!!

Fellow Writers and Authors: Don't Lose Hope

Back in 2011 I turned my friendly critiquing services for fellow writers into a lucrative editing business. I freelance edited as well as worked for two romance publishers over the next three years, essentially editing over 100 novellas and novels. I also write romance, which has been no easy feat. I know how hard finding the perfect balance between romance and plot is, how adding too many sensory elements and emotion can overwhelm the reader, how dry my sex scenes can get. I know and still struggle with all this and my editor calls me out on it every time.

When I edit your book, I’ll call you out on it too.


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I started my business to help unpublished writers. Really, I started it because I wish I’d known the things I do now when I first started writing, before I got over 100 rejections from agents, editors, and publishers for my work, and went through tears, screams, and disappointment. That’s my goal when you hire me to edit for you, but the past few years have made me realize something.

Not everyone can accept the criticism I can.

For example, I emailed one of my clients her first editorial letter, and she decided to give up writing for life. It devastated me. Even after I listed the parts of her book I enjoyed, included comments in the manuscript that made me laugh or got my blood pumping, she decided never to write again because she couldn’t handle the revisions suggested. And I never want that to happen. Ever.

So here is my letter to all you writers drafting your first book/writers planning to self-publish that book:

Dear Writer,

You are amazing. You have taken time out of your life, your families, your relationships, to finish a project so many people wish to accomplish in their lives. You wrote a book. I applaud you. I worship you. I admire you.

Your friends and family may not take you seriously, but I do. I know how many hours you spent at that computer, how many times you rewrote the same sentence over and over, how many blog posts you went through in hopes of finding the answer you needed. I know. Because I’m a writer. Just like you.

And because we are so alike, I’m telling you right now do not lose hope.

You will have to revise that book. Several times. But do not lose hope. Whether the suggestions come from a critique partner, editor, agent, or publisher, they are for the best because these people are trying to help you succeed and see things you may not be able to see in your own work. Listen to their suggestions. Consider them. Do not brush them off because you’re not willing to work that hard. And put your best work out there.

You will experience rejection. From a lot of people. But do not lose hope. Not only agents, editors, or publishers, but from your closest friends, family, and readers. You can not please everyone. Write for you. Write because you will explode if you don’t get the story down on paper.

You will read bad reviews. But do not lose hope. Ignore them. The only thing that will come from it are tears, self-loathing, and the urge to quit writing. Don’t do that to yourself. You’re better than you think you are.

You will not make money. But do not lose hope. You didn’t get into writing for the money. Right? RIGHT?

No matter how hard the work or the industry get, you are stronger. You are able to put the best book you’ve ever written on the market. You are able to create worlds no one had ever seen or read about. You are able to make couples fall in love. You are able and I believe in you.

Love, Nichole