Isn’t it weird how it was only 168 hours ago
that we were fools in love
when we looked in each others eyes we saw sunsets
and when we touched each others skin it felt like we were moving mountains?
That day I could have sworn it was minus eight degrees
but your breath was enough to warm my soul
and although we were in different cities
your strong arms felt like home.
—  excerpt from “168 hours,” (Y.A.) 

Please know: God loves you too much to allow you to remain in a place (remember, it’s a journey) where what He’s placed in you is not able to be fertilized, manifested into the predestination into which you’re meant to enter.

He will remove you from ANY situation (entered by birth or otherwise) that strips you of purpose. He will send you on a journey that will add meaning to you before He lets you STAY where it’ll be lied out of you, scared away from you, blocked from you, or cut off from you through geaneological downflow of fear.

Don’t fear being cut off from the familiar— even from family, even from hometowns or “known” things.

Your life is not meant to be a representation embodying the character of where you’ve come from in the lines of your skin and the soul of your smile. Those things should gave more adventurous origins.

What makes you move is working out to celestially align you to the GREATER thing. Stay en route, on purpose.

Journey Soulfiully, Chimene

Miscarriage Luke Imagine

"Hehe. Tummy." Luke says poking your small bump. You frown unamused. "Do you realise you’re going to be the size of a house soon?"

"Do you realise that it’s all your fault? The least you could do is make me something to eat."

"Fine, whatever. What do you want? And nothing too challenging."

"Pizza!! Make it a big one. I’m eating for two remember." You say. You’ve been craving Pizza all day.

"You’re worse than Michael, y/n." Luke replies whilst walking into the kitchen.

"Well I am pregnant Luke." You shout into him.

All day you’ve had a pain in your stomach. You couldn’t decide whether you felt sick or hungry but you came to the conclusion that you were hungry. It’s always hunger, right?

"Psh. No big deal y/n." Luke shouts from the kitchen. He acts like he isn’t bothered but you know for a fact that he cares.

You’d been trying for a few years until you finally got pregnant. Every night, since he found out, Luke has been speaking to your unborn child, telling them how much he loves them. He doesn’t realise that you’re still awake.

There’s a sharp stabbing pain in your abdomen and you run up the stairs to the bathroom. This isn’t hunger pains. You drop to your knees when you see the blood. There’s so much blood. The pain is still there. The tears won’t stop.

"Y/N?!" It’s Luke. He must’ve heard you fall.

"No! Don’t come in, please!" You’re hysterical. He ignores what you say and comes in. He looks terrified and this doesn’t change when he sees the condition you’re in. He drops to the floor next to you and wraps his arms around you.

"I’m sorry Luke. I really am. I know how much this child meant to you. I know you cared. I’m so sorry." You’re crying into his shoulder as he tries to calm you down.

"Shh. It’s okay. It’s not your fault. It’s okay." His voice is shaky. You look up from his now damp shoulder to see him crying softly.

"You must hate me. You cared so much about this baby and now it’s gone."

"I could never hate you. I love you. And yeah I cared about this baby but there’s nothing we can do. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. This doesn’t mean I love you any less." Luke says stroking your hair.

"I’m sorry." You say again.

"I love you so much and nothing will ever change that okay?" He kisses you and hugs you tightly. "Let’s go to the hospital. It’ll be okay I promise." Luke helps you to your feet and you hug him tightly.

"I love you more than anything in this world." You whisper into his ear.

"I love you more than anything in this universe."

This was my first attempt so please don’t judge me too harshly 🙈

I was drunk.
I’m sorry, I know that’s
Not an Excuse
But it will have to do for
It’s my Excuse

In the absence
Of other words, better words -
Better actions,
That I would have acted
Had I known.

And if I
Could reverse and rewrite,
Make time
Take back all then I
Would. But I can’t.

So I am left
With slurred words, blurred eyes
An inability to balance,
Sobbing I’m sorry.
I was drunk.
Forgive me.


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