day 1: the beginning of noticing kindness everyday...

Random act of kindness (RAOK) #1

Today, I was studying in a library (or at least trying). I was just minding my own business. There wasn’t a lot of people present. Then I heard this soft whisper: “Excuse me, can you please watch my stuff for a while.” This kind stranger uttered this whole whisper before I was able to turn around. He was kind because right when I turned to see who it was, he was holding up a pack of Wrigley 5 gum (with only two pieces left), he immediately smiled and asked if I wanted a gum. I accepted one. It was funny to be in a situation where I had say “Oh, thanks!” before “Sure, I’ll watch your stuff.” It was wonderfully and charmingly awkward. I can say that it was one of the most delicious gum I ever had. 


I was walking around another library (yea, I’m beginning to get addicted to them >_<). Again, just minding my own business to look for a place to study. While walking, there was this playful little boy (maybe around 4/5 years of age) just lying around in the floor with a miniature baseball. He was literally in lying on his belly, while his mother was busy talking to the librarian. He was in his own world, making grunting noises for reasons I can never fully now for it wasn’t my world (I wish it was, it sounded exciting). He was rolling the ball. I saw him at a distance and he was in my path. As I walked closer, the ball rolled beyond his reach. He somehow didn’t notice that I was coming. His eyes were fixated at the ball. It rolled close to right at my feet as I was walking pass and gave it a soft nudge toward him. He still wouldn’t keep his eyes of the ball until it reached his hands. Upon the ball’s arrival, he finally looked up to see who it was. I didn’t stop walking so we only glanced at each other. I offered a smile and he offered a bashful look. It was cute. I continually walked and didn’t look back. 


Both of these events occurred within a span of less than a minute. Yet it overcomes the rest of the minutes within this day. Dear reader, let’s pay attention to these things that really matter :)