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Better Project Management Through a Project Management Software

Gone are the times when projects could be managed by writing important items on a piece of paper and by conducting physical meetings. Sending letters to inform all the participants about a proposed meeting incurred time and expenditure. Then arrangements had to be made for their travel, boarding and lodging. Such meetings had to be conducted too often. This way of managing projects was neither efficient nor economical.

Nowadays, projects can be better managed in less time and with more efficiency by using some web-based project management softwares which are tailor made for managing projects. By using these aids, the time spent over performing various project tasks gets significantly reduced and the communication and collaboration among team members working over projects gets drastically improved. The projects become more organized and can be better executed as per project plan and within the prescribed time limit. These tools ensure proper utilization of budget and resources allocated for them.

Though there are a plenty of project management software out in the market, but a few among them have a carved a niche of their own namely Wrike, ProofHub and Asana. Other people might have a totally different perception about their set of best tools as such opinions are based on personal experiences and these may vary from person to person and from organization to organization.

Now we will discuss here how project management can be enhanced through project management softwares.

Improved Communication and Collaboration Among Team Members:

As these are web-based applications, these can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the net. This proves advantageous for organizations whose employees are from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds and who are located in different locations around the world. Through these tools ,they can instantly and effortlessly communicate and collaborate with each other. This enables better connectivity over projects and individuals can better cooperate and coordinate with each other. They can mutually discuss about important matters and resolve them in less time and with more efficiency. This helps them to work together as a team and in a harmonious manner.

Centralized Location of Data and Resources:  

In these tools, files, documents and other vital project-centric information and resources are stocked in a single centralized location, making it easy for various team members to access them conveniently and speedily for their needs. The same set of data and resources can be effectively utilized by multiple people. This leads to optimum use of resources as well as saves time and lowers costs.

Better Task Management:

A project involves a huge set of tasks which vary in terms of their priorities and nature. They need to be properly classified, described and documented. These project management tools help to achieve this in an easy and effective manner. As these tasks are properly described and documented, team members would find no real difficulty in understanding them and would be executing them with more focus and responsibility. They tend to receive timely email notifications about their tasks as these approach their deadlines. This helps them to know that they have to perform their tasks before their deadlines materialize. They can execute them in a timely manner without forgetting these. Their performance over tasks can be better tracked.

Enhanced Time Management:

As time is limited over projects, it becomes truly important to perform various tasks, processes and activities in a fast and qualitative manner. These tools help to keep a track of time spent over performing various activities which helps to know if specific tasks are being accomplished within the defined time frame or are incurring more time than required. An accurate record of time spent over various tasks also helps in billing clients and customers as per the number of hours spent over developing their products or while servicing their orders. Also new projects can be planned and modelled on the pattern of already executed projects by taking into consideration the time spent over performing their various tasks.  

Perfect Assessment of Projects’ Progress

During the execution of a project, it becomes important for a project manager to know if the project is headed in the right direction. He can better analyze a project’s progress through a tool or aid. Project management software enable accurate tracking over projects through features like Gantt chart which help a project manager to know the exact level of completion of various tasks. He can conveniently reschedule the starting and finishing dates of specific tasks if such a need arises. Any task dependencies can be better established. Thus he remains in firm grip over various project affairs.

These tools help to organize project tasks and activities and enable their execution as per schedule and project plan. Consequently the projects can be successfully and timely accomplished. Organizations are able to achieve their project-specific objectives and can reap financial, commercial and other rewards. They are able to save their costs, time and efforts. This boosts their growth, marketability and profitability.

As these tools hold immense utility for organizations and their projects, an awareness needs to be generated about them and people need to be aptly guided about how they stand to benefit from their use. Once this happens, more and more organizations and people will start benefitting from these tools.

Exhausted? Survey Says 87% Are Overworking

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Feeling overworked? You’re not alone. In fact, according to a vast majority of a recent survey’s 1,915 U.S. respondents, overworking has become the norm in today’s workplace.

The survey, conducted by social project management software provider Wrike, found that 87% of workers, from business owners to freelancers, say they overwork on a regular basis. Perhaps the most surprising result of the survey is that even though that large percentage feels overworked, 42% of all the respondents still feel satisfied with their work/life balance.

As you can see in the infographic below, one apparent stress reducer is being a team member, where 50.8% of those describing themselves as such feel more…
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Box hits puberty and starts the journey from product to platform

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No Improvement In Task Management: Box enables people to assign to-dos to files, but the task management features pretty much end there.  They do partner with several Task Management tools such as Asana, AtTask, Azendoo, Clarizen, LiquidPlanner, Wrike and others but I’d like to see more native functionality.  At a minimum, show me a view of my tasks, with the ability to sort on date and status.  Ideally, purchase one of these vendors and offer great project management capabilities.




Etherpad Now Baked Into Social Project Management App Wrike

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Social project management software-as-a-service Wrike released a big update today, including in-line integration of the open source text editor Etherpad. The idea is that instead of attaching documents to a task, the task becomes the document, enabling users to actually do work in the same place they manage tasks. Producteev released a similar feature based on Crocodoc last week, but Etherpad enables users to make edits to a document simultaneously. The feature advances the goal that Wrike’s CEO and founder Andrew Filev says he has had since the beginning: unifying collaboration and project management. Filev says he started his first company, a software consultancy, when he was just 17 or 18. The company grew and eventually had offices on multiple contents. He found himself coordinating work across multiple projects, multiple geographies and multiple roles. He looked at the project management software available and there was nothing that worked the way he wanted, so he wrote his own application. He ended up founding Wrike in 2006, but didn’t take significant investment until the company raised $1 million from TMT Investments earlier this summer. Social project and task management companies like Wrike, Mavenlink and Manymoon have thrived on the Google App Marketplace for years. But now thanks to the’s acquisition of Manymoon (now known as and the big names behind Asana (namely Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Googler Justin Rosenstein), this market is gaining more visibility. As competition heats up the market is moving towards a unification of collaboration, task management and, eventually communications. We’ve started seeing this already with the unification of the activity stream and inbox interface metaphors in task-centric applications. Wrike is well on its way in this direction already: in addition to its web and mobile apps, Wrike has an Outlook plugin that enables users to work with the product without ever leaving their e-mail clients. The new simultaneous editing features will be available in the web version and the Outlook plugin, and it will eventually be available in the mobile client as well. @suryaray