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SHUT UP MIKE OK. I HAD A MOMENT OF BEING DUMB AND MUSHY. YOU’RE A BUTT I’M GONNA GO DELETE THAT. But it was cool to see you though. I’m glad school’s going well even though it’s an ass-kicker.

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THANK. I literally went into this like, “mehhh we’ll see” and turns out when he actually tries he’s actually like …. stupid cute. so. Haaaaa =P

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I’m so sorry to hear that. Did you know them personally? Regardless it is tough to see that and know that you can’t rewind and change their mind.

I didn’t know them personally but he was the kind of person to post a lot of daily updates about his life, even just basic things like getting haircuts and what not. I don’t know. I know I shouldn’t be worrying about what I could have done but that question is still bothering me. 

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Name: Mel

Birthday: September 11

Favourite color: Earth tones

Lucky number: 4’s

Height: 5’6”

Talents: Writer, Seamstress, Designer, Nerdess Extrordinaire, Hopeless Romantic

Can you juggle: uh, no, haha

Art/sports/both: Both. Love baseball

Do you like writing: It’s my life

Do you like dancing: very much

Do you like singing: yes, but I’m not very good


Dream vacation: Ruins: Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Greece. London Theater, Get lost in Paris

Dream person: … Tom Hiddleston

Dream wedding: Handfasting in the old ways

Dream pet: 
Cat as big as a dog and just as adorkable

Dream job: Disney Costume Designer

Favorite song: All For Love

Last song you heard: Skye Boat Song

Least favorite song: The Christmas Shoes

Least favorite artist: Justin Beiber XP


Guys/girls/both/neither: Men

Hair color: Dark

Eye color: Any

Humorous/serious: HUMOROUS

Taller/shorter: Taller

Biggest turn-off: Arrogance, Ignorance, Elitism

Biggest turn-on: Play with me :)


… is it sad that I don’t know 6 people to tag? lol

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Michael. (Any guess who this could be? :P)

I don’t know any Michaels. It’s way too formal. Because I know this one kid that goes by MIKE (read like the seagulls in Nemo going MINE). He’s disgustingly talented and poetic and doesn’t give himself nearly as much credit as he deserves for being such an amazing person.

I I have a big sister I love dearly, but I’ve always wanted a brother. And the way I see it, the universe let me go find my own.

(You jerk, I know it’s you XD)

I sometimes think about the amount of personal growth I’ve had in just the last two years, and I am simply dumbfounded.

All of a sudden, I am an adult? I’m responsible, and intelligent, and compassionate. It’s everything I always was, but better, so much better.

There’s a lot of people I have to thank for that, too. There’s one man, a random kid who dragged me out of my shell and out to have fun by yelling at me telling me to get in his truck an hour and a half after I met him (he didn’t even know my name at that point), and another that the first time we met was randomly playing guitar at full volume and was welcomed with applause. And in just around a year and a half, these 2 men went from meaning nothing to me, to being the 2 big brothers I never had. I love them, and I don’t know what I’d do, or who I would be without them.

My best friend, that has been such for the last 15 years, that has listened to every single problem, bitch fest, story, sexual escapade, hilarious everything, heartbreak, no matter how big or small, and helped me survive  and pulled my ass through. (Happy birthday, again, by the way, baby).

I can’t thank my parents enough for all of the support, financially, emotionally, physically. They always thought I was perpetually 12, but it’s MUCH better now. My dad a year and a half ago sat on the phone with me for 2 hours while I sobbed my way through my first ever panic attack, alone in my dark dorm room after a test gone bad. Or my mom that has gone out of her every way to do whatever she can for me.

I have this small tight knit immediate family, and now this extended ridiculous one that I chose for myself, and I am a better, stronger, smarter, braver person because they showed me how to be.

I sometimes wonder how the family and old/ex friends I haven’t seen in a long while would look at me now. Here I am strange as ever, tattooed, assertive, employed at a job I love that’s literally all body fluids, and succeeding at my whole life.

And I wonder how that looks, because things have gotten amazing, and I never expected them to be this good.

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For fuck’s sake, just talk to the boy! Don’t overthink everything… xD


I had fully prepared myself for a maJOR CONVERSATION today and then noTHING HAPPENED AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN.

Except that I want to sleep cuz I am fucked up tired rn.


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Jess and little “baby burritos.” Hmm. Throw in a pair of husky puppies and I think you just might be incapacitated for…oh, I dunno…FOREVER ;)


If you add husky puppies I might just actually DIE.

Because I fucking love you guys

I gotta say, it takes a lot to make me cry. Less so over the past few years, unfortunately, but it takes some strong emotion nonetheless.

And I have only ever cried twice whilst driving home alone in my car. The first was last February, and I felt like a bitch and I felt so awful that I didn’t feel worse.

The second was tonight.

Now, of course, my crazy hormones and stress levels play into it, but regardless. I had an amazing night with some of my boys, which let’s be honest, are my absolute favorite nights.

But one of my guys put me together what is easily one of the greatest Christmas presents ever. There was an amazing ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ t-shirt featuring my favorite quote (“My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations”). There were some CDs with handpicked songs. And then there was the card, with the beautiful message handwritten on the inside.

And I gotta tell ya, Mike, you are the greatest. That’s one of the biggest smiles I’ve had in months. And I agree with everything you said. I don’t know how it’s possible I only met all of you a whole 15 some odd months ago. It’s baffling to me. I don’t know what I would do without you and the rest of my boys (and Kia and Becca haha).

I hope I’ve made even a fraction of the difference in your lives that you’ve made in mine. Every last one of you played some part in saving me from my own bullshit and giving me something to be optimistic about and to laugh at. You guys gave me a reason to be happy.

We call it our fucked up little family (“Like a sitcom, but with more alcohol and ‘that’s what she said’ jokes”), and we say it jokingly, but I mean it. In all seriousness, you and KP are like the best brothers I never had, but I love you like you are. And then there’s Zach, and Sippycup, like our special little cousin, and Dimitrios … well. Haha.

But I couldn’t do without any of you. I don’t get how I haven’t known you all my whole life or how I got on without you. But you better be around for a long time, or Mama Jess is gonna kick your ass with the sass.

I don’t even know.

The point of this post, besides all the love-vomit everywhere, it to say for the first time tonight, I cried because I was happy. In 20 years, that is a first for me. And it a was pretty fucking great feeling.

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Is that suppressing the girls, or oppressing them? Fight for your right to party! FREEDOM! (Ok, don’t judge me, I’m tired too. It sounded funny in my head, I swear…)

mIKE. Sweetie. I don’t even know what to do with you. Besides give you like a liter of coffee or send you back to bed. Hahahahahahha.

PS, there’s a TWLOHA meeting today at 4, and if you’re free you should come so I’m not the only old person hanging around all those young ‘uns =P haha


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Hey don’t beat yourself up. I think we all know just how much you’d rather be with friends than drowning in work or having to sleep. Don’t worry. Get some rest, good luck with finals, and we’ll all find some time to chill :)

Meh. I’m always torn. Like on the one hand I KNOW I need to take care of myself, but I also REALLY hate not being there for people. Either way i end up feeling like an ass, haha. But thanks, Mr. L., I appreciate it =P


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I’m sorry that there’s a torrential shit-storm in Jess-land :( just know that there’s still some of us who love you and are blessed to have you around!

<3 thanks, Mike <3 I love you guys too! And as terrible as it may sound, you guys are the ones I’ve been putting the most effort in with because that’s where I feel it’s most worth it compared to other people I’d like to just slap. It sucks, but like I’ve said 98765456789876 times, no idea what I’d do without you <3

Of course it’s nice to hear that you’re important to someone. And just saying it doesn’t always mean much.

But it does to me.

It really did put a smile on my face to hear that tonight. And because, as always, my whole life goes on Tumblr, here’s the quick little “you’re the best ever” post.

Because yes, I am busy, and yes, I’m usually pretty tired, but I mean it 100%. You guys don’t know what you’ve been to me, but I love you so much and I could be up to my eyeballs and half-dead but I will always be there, whether you need me or not.

For better or worse, I consider you my family.