A pal of mine got the above mid-90s HBK shirt for Christmas, it is goddamn awesome. Seriously, it takes a team of analytics engineers and graphic designers to synthesize the kind of rad 1990s cheese on display above into shirts children wear to 90s night at the bar that doesn’t check i.d. Looking at this shirt on Facebook, I was immediately reminded of Dolph Ziggler’s merchandise before the folks at WWEShop hooked him up with designs fresh from dafont.com

Not that Dolph Ziggler has had a good t-shirt ever, because the closest poor Dolph has come to the promised land are the myriad #HEEL shirts that started showing up in the internet back in the halcyon days of Z! True Long Island Story. These old Ziggler shirts, with their zebra print and notebook doodle font and the insinuation that their wearer possesses abs which I’d claw a dude’s shirt off to see, are that crude synthesis of 90s cheese. That HBK shirt, again, is the genuine article. The only reason it wasn’t hugging the torso of some extra at The Max in Saved By the Bell is because wrestling wasn’t popular when HBK was lugging around the Intercontinental Championship, making v-for-victory signs, and floating around on a bodacious amalgam of Lisa Frank folders and hair metal band logo font.

But if you ever needed any proof that they were grooming Dolph Ziggler to be the next generation’s Shawn Michaels, and if you don’t want to link to the 40 or so articles that say the same goddamn thing, here you go. It’s all in the merchandise, which you can keep your hands off of.