Undertaker rises from a coffin to attack Brock Lesnar: Raw, March 24, 2014


Hey, everyone! This is my lovely grandma, Erika. She’s turning 78 years old this November, and is absolutely in love with wrestling. She is a big fan of the WWE– a bigger fan than I am, if I’m being honest.

I introduced her to wrestling back in late 2007 and she has been tuning in every Monday and Friday ever since, and if she cannot watch on those days she makes damn sure to catch the reruns on Saturdays. Her favorite wrestlers at the moment are Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and the Usos, but she does not like the Wyatt Family or the Miz.

She and I were fortunate enough to attend Wrestlemania 26 back in 2010— it was her first and only time at a live wrestling event and she’s been itching to go back since the moment we stepped out of the arena.

I fell out of my wrestling phase about a year after we went to Wrestlemania, but she continued to watch wrestling week in and week out. She would even call me every so often to keep me updated on what was currently happening so I would not be completely lost if I jumped back into wrestling. It was in the summer of last year that I did jump back in and start actively watching again. I did it because wanted to adequately share my Gam Gam’s excitement for wrestling and hold discussions with her regarding the storylines and the matches and the amazing abilities of the wrestlers. Now I am watching because not only does wrestling make her incredibly happy, it makes me incredibly happy.

I really owe my Gam Gam for bringing wrestling back into my life and I think taking her to Wrestlemania again would be a great way to show her my appreciation.

I am trying to raise $3000 dollars by the time Wrestlemania tickets go on sale, which is usually around November. HERE is the link to my gofundme campaign if you would like to donate, and if you are unable to donate, I please ask that you reblog this post to help me spread the word around!