My opinion in Miley’s Music video.

Yes I know she’s making out with a mallet and she’s completely naked while riding a wreaking ball but maybe there’s a deeper meaning on this music video. A very deep meaning that other people might not see.

The making out with the mallet part. You see maybe the mallet is the man she’s suppose to marry but he left her right? Maybe every time Miley kiss Liam, she felt hard and cold while kissing him like mallet she’s holding and kissing throughout the whole video.

She was completely naked while riding the wreaking ball. Yup this is not normal and I’ve read and heard the same question since the video was released and that’s “why is she naked?” Maybe Miley’s trying to say is that Liam, who left her took everything she had and left her completely naked inside and out. She was emotionally drained and was left with nothing. She’s trying to say he left me and now I’m naked because he took everything and I’m left with nothing. Even you will feel like this when you’re partner leaves you right? You gave everything to him and he just left you. You feel empty and naked inside right?

Miley has changed. She’s not the sweet Hannah Montana we grew up watching. She changed and that’s in a bad way. Maybe at some point she’ll change again, maybe she just needs a little time to find herself and get back on her feet. Like all of us we need time to change and realize what we’ve done, She’s human too and she’s going through a rough time but too bad the world has to see it. I’m not telling that her actions lately are good, they are bad really bad and that makes me sad.