Laies and gentlemen I’m happy to show you my aunt’s first cosplay Wreck-it Ralph!
Aunt Stefania (also called Stefy or Steven) was really worried about cosplaying, both because of her height and because she wasn’t exactly doing a “feminine” and “gracious” character. Stotally “wrecked” it with her son Francesco who did for the second time Felix with her (he’s a senior cosplayer even being 5 years old, he really loves it and the mother likes to hep him with the characters he love). 
All the family helped her. I did her makeup and her wig, she worked on her shirt and her sister did the salopette. Hope you all will like her because she still worry a lot about what she did. 
Pics by Daniela Serpi Fotografia / didychan


*casually spams ya’ll with my face* TADAAAAAAA~~~

Me as GLaDOS and Princess Vanellope at Youmacon 2013

Photos taken by my bby arcanum-order (she’s my bby go follow her)


“President Vanellope von Schweetz!! Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” A little sass for these photos~ These were done by Vaughn Photography when I guested at Shikacon! Cosplay by me, Crash Candy Cosplay ♡ follow me on facebook for more content!


Sugar Rush!! Loved every second of this one and cant wait to do it again!!

Group shots Photog / Single shot Photog / Vanellope / Crumbelina / CandleHead / Jubileena Bing Bing