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Did you wrap your arms around this silly snake for National Hugging Day?

For Bird Day, we pondered the question, “Are pigeons really birds?”

This lil’ ghost celebrated International Skeptics Day with an identity crisis.

Always wished your cat was a turtle? That’s what Dress Up Your Pet Day is for!

5SOS: How he likes to hug you in public (4/4)


I think Mikey will like come to you whenever he feels like and just embrace you with his strong arms and he would hide his head on the crook of your neck (like a kitten) if he’s sleepy or just place his head on the top of yours so he can keep doing his thing with you in his armssss


Ash will come and just place one of his looong arms around your shoulder and pull you close so you have your arms aound his torso in a protective and cuuute way.


he will place you in his lap and just wrap his arms around your waist so one of yours would be around his neck and sometimes he would rest his head on your chest or you’d rest yours on his head. 


I feel like luke will be the one hugging you from behind the most, like he would come out of nowhere and wrap his looong arms around your stomach and place his head on yours (bc hes hella tall) and basically luke would be a cutie pie.

AN: You can request preferences for me to do if you like (only 5sos) xx


I’ve been away for far too long and I am very tired. All I ever want to so is come home, but I don’t just mean laying in my nice warm bed. I mean, I want to come home to my bed and you. You, just laying there in one of my already worn T-shirts, half asleep, and laying in our favorite position for when we fall asleep. That’s just it, you are my home. I don’t believe a home is just these walls around me. No, I believe that I feel home whenever I have your arms wrapped around me. I want to come home. I miss your smell, I miss your touch, I miss your taste… No, I just really miss you. Oh god.. We’ve never actually touched and I’ve never actually gotten the chance to hold your hand, or to feel your kiss.. But I am so damn homesick and I am so damn in love with you. Distance sucks, but you are worth every mile in between the two of us. Please let me one day find my way home to you. 

I hope she sees galaxies in your eyes and
I hope her hand is warm when you hold it
I hope she laughs when your jokes aren’t funny, because your jokes are never funny
I hope your friends adore her and say “she’s the one”
and I hope she drives you to your favorite restaurant without saying a word
I hope she writes you love letters and I hope she has a big nose and I hope she sings you to sleep
when it’s cold, I hope you wrap your arms around her from behind and whisper “I love you” in her ear, the way you all to often did for me
I hope she’s ticklish and if she’s not I hope she fakes it for you
I hope she mixes your drinks just right and I hope when you tell her about your father, that she knows better than to say anything or pass judgement
i hope she preorders all the right video games and sits through your ridiculously long tournaments like I did
I hope she kisses you gently but fucks you like tomorrow may not come
because tomorrow may not come
I hope she’s everything I’m not, and everything I never could be
—  excerpt from the novel i’ll never write
5SOS Preference: Cuddles

Ashton: I feel like Ash would prefer spooning over everything else. He’d love wrapping his arms around your waist and bringing you close to his chest. You’d be his personal teddy bear in a way. Your hands would be enclosed in his, and his head would be buried in your neck.

Michael: I feel like Michael would like laying on his back and having you tucked into him. He’d have his arm wrapped around your shoulder. You’d lay on your side, one arm tucked to you, the other around his torso. One of your legs would be casually draped over his.

Calum: Like Michael, Calum would also like to lay on his back. But, you’d lay on his chest. Your arms would be tucked in and resting on his chest. Your head would be by his shoulder. His arms would be tightly wrapped round your waist. His head would lightly lean against yours comfortably.

Luke: We all know that Luke does this thing where he’ll sort of curl into a ball and have his arms crossed when he’s laying down. You’d just squeeze in between. Your legs would intertwine with his. His arms would be wrapped around your shoulders, and yours around his torso, and your foreheads would be pressed together.

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4/4 on how they would react to meeting your family and finding out you're tomboyish with your brothers?

awe they’d all probably be shocked and stuff


luke -

your family would have never even met your boyfriend, and so you would take luke to your parents house during a family gathering with all your relatives and shit and then you would walk in and see your older brother with his back turned towards you so you’d run in and practically pounce on him and jump on his back and you would both be screaming as luke would just be standing there like ‘u never do that to me’ and you’d turn around with your arms wrapped around your brother’s neck like ‘well do you want me to accidentally choke you’ and he’d shake his head and you’d let go of your brother and then trip him with your foot and make him fall and your brother would get up all like ‘she’s a real prankster, this one. you better be careful’ and poor luke would be so conflicted because you were never like this around him and he wasn’t sure if he wanted you to be like this or to just be like you usually were and you just kept laughing because god damn your brother falling flat on his face was the funniest thing ever

calum -

you and calum would probably just be strolling around the park together when you would see your cousins and you’d run over to them and they’d be playing soccer and your brother would immediately kick the ball your way and instead of letting it roll past you you would stop it by putting your foot on top of it at the perfect moment and kick it back to your family (hard, might i add) and calum would just be so motherflipping shocked because he loved soccer as a kid and now you were there with your secret super soccer abilities and he would probably just be watching in awe as you ran over and started playing the game with your family and you would see calum standing on the sidelines and kick the ball to him and he’d be so lost in your eyes and moves and your smile as you were playing that it would hit him in the shin and he would wince in pain and you would run over to him and be like ‘what happened to you mr i went to brazil to practice this game’

michael -

i think you all know what im going to put for this okay his videogames that he loves so much and your two brothers were into the same games as he was so when you brought michael over one day your brothers would be sat on the couch playing like, cod or black ops or something and michael would be like ‘omg i wanna play’ and then run over and grab a controller and sit down and your brothers would be teasing you because you weren’t gonna play so you picked up a controller and beat their asses (all of them, even michael) and while you were mocking your brothers michael would just be so surprised at how good you were at his favorite games and then be all ‘how come you never play with me’ and you’d just say ‘well i guess i didn’t really find a need to’ and then michael would probably make you fucking swear that you would always play video games with him because god damn you looked so hot while you were concentrating it was actually unreal ok

ashton -

your brothers would have organized this laser tag thing for your birthday and you would obviously drag ashton along because he’s your boyfriend of course and then you would get to the place and get all set up and it would be your two brothers against you and ashton but what ashton didn’t know what that you took gymnastics for a large portion of your life and were so motherflipping good at dodging things and flipping around and shit so then the game would start and every time you would see your brother you would just somersault out of the way and ashton would just be watching you like ‘wtf since when could you do that’ and at one point you one-handed cartwheeled out of the way and ashton would just be like ‘what did you just do’ and you’d just shrug and beat your brothers eventually and just do backflips around them and ashton wouldn’t even know what to do at that point tbh he was so astounded it was adorable


SUCH TERRIBLE ENDINGS IM SORRY OKAY OKAY i hope you liked it anon! xx

I miss you

I miss your smile

I miss your laugh

I miss your voice

And your sleepy one too

I miss the nights

When you were here

Talking about life

Watching horror shows

Or crappy reality

I miss your closure

I miss feeling your breath

Your heartbeat going faster

And your arms wrapped around me

I miss your kisses

And the best hugs recevied

All i ever want

Is you

Right here

Next to me

PDA-The Maze Runner


Gally loves coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you into a tight hug. He’ll nuzzle his nose into the side of your neck and start swaying from side to side.


Newt’s very sweet and gentle. Whenever your around he likes wrapping his arm around your shoulder and running his fingers through your hair. You love his gentle touch, it makes you feel safe. You tend to close your eyes and rest your head against him.


Minho enjoys making a big show of your relationship. He’ll come back from running the maze and pick you up into his arms. Usually he’ll pick you up bridal style and spin you around. He hold you tight as you smile happy he made it back safely.


Anytime you and Thomas are near each other his hand reaches out and grabs your. He interlaces his fingers with yours and uses his thumb to rub circles on the back of your hand. Occasionally he’ll lift both your hands to his lips and place a kiss on yours.

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Can you answer this? how would Suga/Rap monster/J-hope/V react if you were making out with them and straddling them, pretty much getting them all worked up and then you suddenly just pull away and walk off like nothing happened? *I hope you understand*

Yoongi would probably grab your wrist and pull you back, asking just what the hell you think you’re doing teasing him like that. He wouldn’t let you off easily, and he’d be adamant that you finish what you started.

Namjoon would be like Yoongi, but a lot more gentle, pulling you gently back into his arms, asking why you’d try to leave him like that. He’d kiss your neck, mumbling ‘I love you’s into your skin until you couldn’t help but turn back to him.

Hoseok would whine. He would follow you to wherever you were headed, wrap his arms around your waist and complain about how mean you were being before completely changing his demeanour, growling into your ear about how rude it was to tease him, saying that you’d regret it later. 

Taehyung would be confused, sitting there staring in awe as you walked away. He wouldn’t really know what to do, and he’d probably think he did something wrong, so he would be a little pouty for the rest of the day until you explained to him that you were just teasing. At which point he would pounce on you, pinning you underneath his weight and biting your neck, saying how he was going to “punish” you for being so cold. 


A Baby? |An Alexis Sánchez Imagine|


Alexis wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him on the couch. Your three year old twins, Sebastian and Lionel, were sitting on the floor, happily playing with their toys.

“Vroom, vroom!” Sebastian exclaimed as he brought his car closer to Leo’s.

“Nooooooo!” Leo responded, pulling his car away from Sebastian.

Alexis grinned at the sight of his two sons. The two of them were so close, never leaving each other’s sides. Like any other little boys, Sebastian and Leo’s role model was their dad.

“Papa! Come!” They yelled simultaneously.

It always amazed Alexis how they did that, saying and doing things at the exact same time. He looked at you and smirked before he stood up and walked over to where they were sitting.

Leo and Basti threw down their toys and pushed Alexis down, giggling loudly. Each one took one of Alexis’ arms and pinned him down. Alexis tried to sit up, but pretended that he was too weak to do so.

“Let me up.” Your husband whined.

“No!” They exclaimed, pushing him down more.

“Help me, (Y/N)!” Alexis begged, sending you a teasing wink.

You laughed, “No way!”

Alexis ‘struggled’ against his sons for a few more moments before he let out a groan, “I give up.”

Sebastian and Leo both let go of Alexis’ arms and cheered, pumping their fists in the air.

“Haha! Tricked ya!” Alexis screamed, gently pushing his boys onto the soft, carpeted floor.

“Papi!” They giggled.

“Gotcha.” He kneeled in front of them, “Now, what should I do?” He said thoughtfully, scratching his chin.

Leo and Basti looked at each other, their big, brown eyes wide.

“Tickle attack!” Alexis screeched, each of his big hands resting on one of his sons’ stomachs.

“Papi!” They wriggled around, trying to get out of his grip. His fingers worked around their stomachs, making the two boys scream and giggle.

Alexis let out a loud laugh before he let go of them.

“Mama!” They exclaimed as they ran towards you, looking for protection.

Leo sat to your left and Basti to your right. Alexis came towards the three of you, a glint in his brown eyes.

“No!” Leo screamed, hiding under your arm before another fit of giggles racked his small body. Alexis closed in on Basti before he picked him up and threw him in the air.

Sebastian’s laughs filled the room as his dad threw him and caught him.

“Got you!” Alexis caught him and hugged him tightly before smothering his son with kisses. Your husband set his son on the couch next to you and looked eagerly at Leo.

“My turn.” Leo breathed, launching himself into Alexis’ arms. Sebastian snuggled next to you, trying to catch his breath with a big, toothy smile on his face.

Alexis did the same with Leo, sending the little boy into yet a third fit of giggles. Your husband finally stopped kissing Leo when he plopped down on the couch next to you with his son in his lap; Sebastian settled into your lap comfortably.

“I love you,” Alexis started, patting Leo’s head, “and you,” he poked Sebastian’s nose, “and you.” He leaned over and kissed you softly.

“Eeew.” The two boys squealed.

Alexis grinned against your lips before he pulled away, “And I love you.” He rubbed your stomach.

Sebastian and Leo furrowed their eyebrows, “You love Mama’s belly?” Basti asked, confused.

Alexis looked at Basti then Leo, “Guess what.”

“What?” They breathed.

“You two are gonna be big brothers.”

“Big brothers?”

“Yeah, Mama is gonna have a baby.”

“A baby?” They questioned, tilting their heads to the side.

“Yeah. It’s in Mama’s belly.”

“She ate a baby!?” Sebastian asked, horrified.

“No, silly.” You chuckled, “The baby is just there…” You trailed off awkwardly, not wanting to tell your little boys where babies actually came from.

“Oh. Okay!”

“We gon’ have a baby brother!” Leo said excitedly.

“Or sister.” Alexis reminded them.

“Or sister.”Basti agreed.

Sebastian and Leo switched places. Leo clambered onto your lap and hugged you.

“Can baby talk?” He let go of you and leaned down in front of your stomach.

“No, not yet.”

“Can I talk to the baby?”

“Of course you can.”

His brown eyes lit up, “Hi, baby. I’m Leo and I’m your big brother.”

“And I’m Sebastian.” Sebastian leaned down next to your stomach too, a small lisp lacing his voice.

“Can I kiss your belly?” Basti asked, looking up at you curiously.

You shrugged, “Okay.”

They both pecked your stomach and pulled away.

“We gon’ play with you a lot.” Leo promised before he settled into Alexis’ lap.

“Papi, you gon’ play with baby, too?” He asked, putting his hand up to his father’s cheek.

“Yeah. Of course I will.”

“When will baby come?” Basti asked.

“Just five more months.” Alexis answered.

“Oh.” They both breathed out.

Alexis brought you and Basti closer to him as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

Move to New York with me, it’s so romantic.
And talk about taking over the world with me, I need you to hold my hand and be brave for me. Act as if my plans are yours.
Always wrap your arm around mine when you hold my hand. Make me look at street lights at night and ask me what the next big move is. Ask me about what I did about the last one. Smile at me when I respond because you know im insecure, scared, enthused, and delighted in answering.
Take me somewhere new, when you can. Take my picture there. Let me see it. Help me love myself and who I am in essence no matter what my background is. Know that you are the only one that makes me believe i am the most beautiful. Know that your gaze is my pride. Be bold to make me feel courageous in beauty.
Stare at me with a gentle look on your face. Stare at me at dinner, stare at me on the elevator. Be strong when you do. Smile when I catch you, you don’t have to tell me you love me, because you already said it. I’ll see it in your eyes, I understand.
Buy me something small every once in a while. It’s like a secret between us. Keep doing it because I need reminders. I’ll always be looking for you everywhere.
Touch me when you first see me, no matter where we are or how long we were apart. Your hands will always be my confirmation.
Look for me when you’re in the spotlight. Your eyes bring me peace. I’ll know that i am where I should be when you see that Im there for you.

Tell me everything. Tell me stories about things you think i wouldn’t care about. Tell me because you know I do. Tell me about what you made for dinner and how you cooked it. Tell me why you didn’t like the taste. Tell me you’re still mad about the time you were 10 and fighting with your brother. I’ll listen. I’ll always listen. I always am.

my melody (original)
  • my melody (original)
  • yume rose

and look me in the eyes
whisper my name
hold me close and tight dear
it will all go away

forget it, forget it all
you’re nothing to blame
all those little bad boys and girls
add gas to the flames

don’t listen to those voices
just hear the angels sing
wrap your arms around me
my melody

There’s no place I’d rather be than wrapped in your arms. You are my safe place, when every thing else is weighing down on me you always seem to lift me back up. I know it took us awhile to get to how we are now but I wouldn’t change anything. Our struggle has become our strength. And with that strength I will build the rest of my life with you, piece by piece. Reminding you everyday that you are loved and cared for. I will always be there for you even on your bad days. I just wanted to thank you for being the amazing person that you are. I’m so proud to call you my girlfriend. I love you titaniumbandana ❤️

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Hello love! Could you do a blurb about having to get up for work but Ashton keeps pulling you back in bed? :) thank you

A/N - all you anons and your cute requests are going to kill me with feels.

Okay so Ashton is home from tour, right? And all he wants to do is cuddle you in bed until the late hours of the morning but unfortunately you have to go to work so your alarm goes off at 7:30 am and Ashton groans and before you can even put your feet on the floor Ashton is gripping your wrist and he mumbles, “Noooo” and you giggle and say, “Ashton, I have to go to work…” and you lean down to his level and kiss his forehead and while you’re down there he would wrap his arms around your waist and pull you into him and kiss your lips, mumbling “Don’t leave” through every kiss and you roll your eyes but you can’t help but roll over and grab your phone from the nightstand and text your boss, telling her that you wouldn’t be able to make it in today. “You better be glad I love you,” you would tell Ashton as he grins and pulls you in for another long kiss.

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Exo and their wife having sex and they 3 year old saw them?

Xiumin: you we’re in the kitchen, early in the morning to make a breakfast for your family when you’re husband suddenly wrap his arm around your waist he kiss your neck you we’re shock on how aroused he is you feel his bulge under his boxer 

Yah!! what is wrong with you this day you always feel aroused when i come near you or you come near me? 

xiu: babe can we make another playmate for minky? you know minky always ask for baby brother 

you: yah!! im making breakfast dont disturb me LATER but when you reach for the bed your husband stop you and pin your on the door of the fridge 

xiu: (while slapping your butt) babe i need you 

( so you gave in) he carry you onto his waist and wrap your legs he put you on the counter near kitchen sink and then…………bammmm!!

he faster his move causing you to be so aroused and almost to your climax and theeen!!!

pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter

yep?! it was your daughther YOUR 3YEARS OLD DAUGHTER MINKY

APPA?! what are you doing to omma?

both of you freeze w/wide eyes you cannot process any words only strange words we’re coming from your mouth so your husband put you down.

your husband try his best to explain everything to your daughter 

xiu: remember you ask for a baby brother?

nae! wae? 

xiu: well omma and i we’re playing so that baby brother arrive soon

oh? why omma is crying?

you: oh im not crying baby (strange laugh) im ju….just s….screaming? hahaha

with any second your husband carry your daughter to her room to play, but before they exited your husband eyes and yours had met, and he grin widely showing his gummy.


when you done putting your daughter to bed LUHI you switch off the light only the lamp has on and close the door you proceed to your shared room with your husband luhan, and luhan is waiting for you on the bed (with a sly smile) the way he looks at you the way his body flash to your eyes makes you turnon 

You: luhan baby? ( seducing voice) dont you want to have another baby? ( you ask boldly) i’ll bet you are really lonely because you only have 2 girls in this house why dont we add a boy in this house? so that whe he grew up you can play soccer with him

Luhan: oh really? ( seducing voice) how touchy

stand up from the bed next thing you remember his tender lips and yours had met and he tore your favorite big size shirt

You: oppa?! thats my favorite shirt

luhan: i have plenty of that you can wear

without any second he continue his moves

You: quite babe luhi might hear it 

luhan: dont worry babe luhi is already fast asleep


pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter! your 3years old daughter LUHI

(squeezing her eyes) omma i can’t sleep both of you stop on what you we’re doing

omma?! appa?! what are you doing?

you: oh babe we we’re playing hide and seek 

omma?! i can’t sleep can we cuddle so that i can sleep?

you: sure?come baby:)

you cover your daughter with a blanket and her tightly 

Luhan: we should bring luhi to her uncle this weekend.

Kris: both of you we’re making scene on the bed, when the door swung open. (OH MY GOSH)

your 3 years old son SHAN 

Mommy!! im…… ho…home!! what are you doing to the both of you geees!! your really gross!

when you play that please lock the door (WOOAA HE IS MATURE THAN YOU HUH?) geess!! your so annoying he slam the door 


both of you and your husband just stared and burst into laughter 

Kris: woaa! shan is mature than us hahaha


both of you are cuddle in the couch with your 3years old kyunee your husband feel really hot that he touch you on the breast you slap his hand and say OPPA? you glare at him and d.o just laugh

D.O: jagiya? ineed you

You: i need you too oppa!! you pout at him

both of you let kyunee watch alone 

D.O: kyunee-ahh appa and omma just need talk for a while ok? stay here he inform kyunee and kyunee just nod with out eyeing his father his eyes darted to spiderman!

both of you proceed to your shared room on your shared room w/out removing your shirt d.o pin you to the wall and faster his move

when the door swung open no words coming out from your son’s mouth instead his mouth drop ajar

D.O: KYUNEE-AAH? what are you doing?

i was wondering if……if what took you so long? bu…..but you can continue on what your doing a……ppa he exited his self from the room and lock the door and proceeded his self to the couch still cannot believe on what he see’s a while ago.

Suho: it was a happy day for the both of you, you and your husband attending the recital of your  3yearsold son suha.

your eyes darted to suha we’re he dance happily suho eyeing you with amazed on how you watch your son.

suho: babe? do you plan to have another baby? well next when she arrive you can dress her princess

you: oppa? you we’re shock by his sudden words re…really? you really want to have another baby but you can’t open up with your husband fearing he might not like it when both of you arrive at your home suho takes your son to his room and play for a minute you begun to move your self to your shared room with suho you ready yourself thinking that you should take a bath since its really hot

you we’re at the bathroom when your husband came join you he begun to feel aroused seeing your bare skin the water was streaming down your S line shape of your body how you close your eyes when the water splash to your face how the water drip from your hair.until he can’t take it anymore he kiss your back to untill he pin you onto the wall but before he can get inside you, your son came inside

OMMA? its hot! appa!!! what are you doing to omma?

Suho: son ummm……

you hide yourself at the back of your husband 

suho: well son as you can see we we’re bathing with omma because omma need help to scrub her back hehe

oh! ok! appa lets play after you done scrubbing omma’s back okay?

Suho: oh ok:)


it was midnight both of you and your 3 years old daughter KAILEE sleeping peacefully but your husband can’t sleep thinking knowing he is aroused to satisfy his self he woke you up

KAI: babe i need you ( whispering to your ears)

You: babe kailee is here

kai: well! lets just keep quite

he move you onto the floor you we’re making when your daughter woke up because you we’re no where to be seen she sat at the bed searching for you but when she hung her litte feet she notice both of you we’re making out she just stare at you like a moving toy

when you open your eye’s you saw KAILEE’S sitting figure 

oppa!! KA…..KAI.LEE!!

omma? appa ? what are you doing?

kai answer boldly 

kai: well babe we we’re making your baby sister again

you: close your eyes babe

she immediately close her eyes you move to the bed

you: why are you awake?

because you we’re not here when i need to cuddle with you 

you glare at kai but kai only mutter IM SORRY. with his puppy eyes

TAO:  your husband teaching your 3years old son YUREN when you call tao from the room.

when tao reach the door your room you close the door and pin tao to the wall and kiss him.

TAO: babe what are you doing? its still daylight 

you: ineed you babe so so badly (with seducing voice)

just hearing your seducing voice tao gave in

there is a light knock from your door but no one answer so he open it

and there he sees both of you making out 

OMMA?! oh my gosh! then run out

you freeze you laugh out from embarrassment 

TAO: see?!


you we;re brushing your teeth at the bathroom readying yourself for work but when chanyeol got himself inside of the bathroom his hand snake to your waist and inch by inch until he reach the hem of your skirt and then continuing his snaking hand he reach your panty and touch your private part causing you to moan 

you: oppa?! not now

chan: i need you baby!

you: oppa! i’ll be late 

chan: lets make this faster i just can’t take it anymore he stare at you hungrily like a piece of meat

seeing him like that making yourself turnon so you kiss his lip tiptoeing he move you to the counter of the bathroom both of you are kissing when your 3years old daughter yuri came in to pee

he saw everything shock without knowing she peed on her pajama

you saw how your daughter stare at you in shock 

so yeol stop on his tract seeing you shock causing to turn his head to the back and there he sees your daughter 

you: waa…what we’re you doing here?

wae? omma? this is a bathroom omma i need to pee

and then your daughter tease you and you just giggle at your embarrassment.

KIM JONGDAE (ft suho)

it was 7:00 in the evening you we’re cooking for dinner when chen pop up on your mind his bare skin distract you from working but you brush it off. you continue your chores but yes! you are aroused but you bare it.


chen came out from the bathroom done showering he didn’t proceed to to your shared room to change instead he proceeded to the kitchen his towel wrap securely in his waist.

chen: hey sexy!

you: hey handsome you turn your head and meet him with just 1 towel it make you more even aroused you bit your lips seductively glare him seductively 

chen: would you mind if you join me on the couch for a moment? you can’t wait anymore you run to him kiss him lovingly 

he carries you onto his waist without breaking your kiss he move to the couch in the middle of the making session and your daughter daeha and suho both of them are shock suho rush to cover your daughter’s eyes


suho: yah!! dont make scene here you have daughter here in this house

you we’re shock by suho’s behavior and jolt up you hide yourself in the pillow covering your flushy cheeks.


you and lay are already sleeping when his hand unconsciously snake under your panty he reach for you private you begun to moan untill you feel turnon and burning cheeks you we’re in the mid’st of making out when your door swung open


both of you jolt up,

Oh sehun:

he was at the bathroom after bathing he search for the towel but no where to be found 

Sehun: Jagiya!! could you please get the towel for me?

and when you we’re at the door of the bathroom 

Sehun: reach for the towel and to your hand he drag you inside the bathroom and no second he pin you to the wall and kiss you he was badly hot and you began to turnon 

your 3years old daughter DANYA hear the moaning from the bathroom curious she follow the noise untill she reach the door of the bathroom she open the and then? BAAAAAAAAAAM~~~~~she saw everything 

omma!! what we’re you…….you doing? with shock she exited herself and run to her room.

both of you freeze and stay in 1 spot.


baek is in the practice room alone singing you enter to the practice room seeing only baek is only their.

baek: oh hey babe!

you: oh hey! wheres becky and her uncle?

baek: oh becky and his uncle gone to the grocery but they will back soon baek your sexy with that clothes

you: oh thanks babe:)

baek reach for your hand he kiss you deeply causing him to aroused plus by seeing you wearing fitted jeans and fitted shirt

in the deep kiss both of you didn’t break the kiss inch by inch both of reach the switch of the light and turn it off untill it became dark

by this time the exo are almost arriving when they reach the door of the practice room while chanyeol carrying your daughter they are the first to get in chanyeol you didn’t notice them that they arriced untill the light is on.


both of you caught in the scene

CHAN: yah!!!! hyung!

your daughter joining chanyeol screaming at you and baek OMMA!! APPA!!

chanyeol  exited quickly so that becky couldn’t see it but IT WAS TO LATE

she saw everything!

becky ask her uncle chanyeol what her mother and father doing

UNCLE CHANYEOL? what omma and appa? doing?

chanyeol: oh! they we’re practicing 

becky: really with wide eyes! is it necessary for appa to be on top of omma? 

chanyeol: (chuckle) well maybe?

EXO: hyung? what noona (y/n) and baek hyung do?

chan: well they we’re making out. you know love love love!!



to the girl he’s with now:

he will kiss you like springtime and you will feel the sun chase away the winter of your bones. he will make beds into castles and his couch into home. he will be a safe space, a deep sigh, a caffeine jolt. he will spread your clothes on the floor and spread butter on your toast. and you will love him, because refusing to is impossible.

he will buy you the same gifts he has given to the eighteen girls he’s been with before us. he will take you to the same starry places he bit my lip and called me perfect. he will tell you the same secrets that he fed to me. i got high on it, finally felt complete.

one day the texts stop, one day he starts standing you up, one day he only kisses you when he’s drunk. one day you’re crying with your arms wrapped around a bottle of vodka because you don’t know what you did wrong but he doesn’t really love you but you’ll fucking die for him and

one day you’re alone at night waiting for him to come home even though you know he’s out with someone else who actually makes him whole and i know this because right now i’m writing a poem from the dark space of our kitchen with my bags packed but too scared to leave yet and i just know if he could ruin me he could ruin you

you’re gonna be his little toy because that’s just what he makes girls into
and i fear for you
i fear for you
i fear for you.

—  run while you can // r.i.d