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International Women’s Day - Betty Davis, Wraggamuffins salutes you!

Dutch Magazine Hap&Tap Recommends Wraggamuffins

It seems word is spreading about Wraggamuffins, which is great news for us! Hap&Tap have included Wraggamuffins in their feature ‘The Best Cupcakes in London’.

Although the Netherlands is a bit further afield than our usual delivery zone, we welcome all our Dutch friends visiting London to try our delicious cupcakes whilst here (you won’t be sorry!)

For those who can speak Dutch:

"Insane" "best ever" "gorgeous"

De superlatieven vliegen je om je oren als je reviews leest over Wraggamuffins. Er is geen shop. Dat is jammer. Maar je kunt ze wel bestellen als je in Londen bent. Laat ze gewoon afleveren bij je hotel en het grote genieten kan beginnen. 

The translation, for those who can’t:

"Insane" "best ever" "gorgeous"

The superlatives are flying around your ears when you read the reviews on Wraggamuffins. There is no shop, which is a shame, however you can still order if you are in London. Let them deliver to your hotel and the enjoyment can begin. 

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