Miami Dolphins great and Miami TV and radio broadcaster (and Fins color commentator) Jim Mandich has died at 62. Mandich was a part of the sports team at WPLG in Miami when I was a reporter there, and had battled cancer. We’ll miss you, Mad Dog.

Rick Shaw, 560 WQAM Miami | December 20, 1967

Rick Shaw, 560 WQAM Miami | December 20, 1967

Aircheck courtesy of Contributor Larry Stoler

Often times when researching the legacies of classic radio stations, we don’t come across much valuable information. Its times like this when the audio we post must speak for itself.

This aircheck is all about the hits of 1967 and the air talents of Rick Shaw. The burning question of many of our minds is, is this the same Rick Shaw who graced the…

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(WQAM/Storz Radio)

How did Miami sound Memorial Day weekend, 1967?

Well, it was a lively year in American popular music, counterculture, and of vibrant politics throughout all forms of government. Back in those days, AM transistor radios were the du jour portable technological device, there were only three stations to watch on television, “The U” was nicknamed “Suntan U,” and Miami was more of a place for “locals” than the world.

Before Power 96, Kiss Country, and 99 Jamz, the sole pop radio station all of South Florida listen to was 560 WQAM (now “Sports Radio”) , the regularly commanding at least 60 percent of radio market share from just north of Jupiter south to the Key West and Havana.

Take a listen to Miami history. While you do that, check out this ad from their then-parent company, Storz Broadcasting:

Al Golden talks CanesCamp, QBs, freshmen & Louisville in season’s first ‘Hurricane Hotline’

Al Golden talks CanesCamp, QBs, freshmen & Louisville in season’s first ‘Hurricane Hotline’

The 2014 season’s first “Hurricane Hotline” with University of Miami football coach Al Golden took place Monday night at the Sandbar Grill in Coconut Grove and was aired live on WQAM (560-AM).
Coach Golden talked with Joe Zagacki and Don Bailey Jr. from about 7:30-8:30 p.m. during the two-hour program.
The Canes coach started off the show saying he was extremely happy with his troops at…

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