Steve & Tony

In an alternate universe where they are the same age and goes to the same high school. Tony is the rich brat that nobody likes and Steve is that skinny boy who is too kind for his own good.

Reading comics way past their bedtime. Sharing the same blanket. Innocent kisses exchanged in between. Those sort of stuff. Yup.


The Filthy Rich Bros & their love interests - The college!AU

I always imagine that Steve and Tony were very volatile at the earlier stage of their relationship because of them (Tony) being denial about their feelings. Once they’ve sorted out their differences, they are as domestic as they can get with all the excessive fluff.

As for Clark and Bruce, they’ve always been certain about their feelings for each other. They’re not pushing away the feelings but they prefer to take things slow.

A scene from tsukinofaerii's fic; Engaging the Enemy.

Have I mentioned how much I love her?! This fic is PERFECT. JUST SO GODDAMN PERFECT!! It’s practically all my Steve kinks in one fic! A lot of Steve-being-tied-up-while-in-ridiculously-tight-outfit scenes 8D

I can never look at Oreos the same way again because of this fic too uwu