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what do you do everyday other than being a stoner? wow. someones ambitious LMFAO.

Ah yes. Bc I am NOT shooting for an international magazine tomorrow and after that american apparel =)

Also! Not to mention! I’m in college!

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Jack White, Ball and Biscuit/You Can’t Get that Stuff No More

@The Fillmore, Miami Beach, September 22nd, 2014.

Video by Anna Collins

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I hate this shit because i'm gay and I fucking hate people patronizing me by pretending like they're standing up to me. I don't want blizzard to put a gay character in the game because they think they're helping me out or some shit. It's so fucking insulting to be treated like a child and given special treatment because people think I can't stand up for myself. I don't want to log into WoW and see a character say "oh you poor little kid, here, we made him gay just for you, surely that'll help!"

I’m pansexual and polyamorous and I, on the other hand, would love to see more representation. I agree that it’s patronizing to add “token” characters, but that’s because they’re usually nothing but that specific character trait.

"Here, have a gay NPC. He stands in the corner and talks about his boyfriend" does very little beyond giving some basic lore fodder for RPers that tells them it’s something that exists.

But it’s not about standing up for anybody or trying to speak over someone— again, it’s just normalizing/humanizing the concept for people like my previous anon who seem to confuse liking to see someone like you onscreen with politics. People, and therefore characters, are multi-faceted. I’m sorry you disagree, but I would honestly love if a well-developed character in areas other than their love life were to casually drop that they have a preference for the same gender. Anduin admitting that he’s nervous about having to marry for a new queen one day. Sylvanas dropping that she never much cared for men in life.

Again, I’m not saying they’re necessary additions to enjoy the game— everybody enjoys it just fine. But the same can be spoken of any media.

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wow!! all these constant sexual implications about harry are so fun!! haha!! everyone loves sex!! everyone is always having sex!! especially celebrities!! let’s always talk about who they’re having sex with!! and the positions they take!! because everyone loves sex!! and is super comfortable with it!! i might throw up my stomach is churning at all of this!! yay!!