Barely clinging to life, Sylvanas Windrunner was brought before Arthas in his dark temple. She protested, saying she deserved a clean death, but Arthas, having had to fight her every step of the way, responded by telling her after what she had put him through the last thing he would give her was the peace of death. She was tortured, mutilated, and finally killed for Arthas’ pleasure. He desecrated her spirit, corrupting her body and soul, and brought her back as a whirlwind of torment and hatred. Thus, Sylvanas Windrunner became the first of the high elven banshees. Sylvanas, now an undead banshee, was a complete and total slave of the Lich King.

Night elf males are very tall, range between 6'6" and 7'6", with broad shoulders and a lithely muscular torso whereas females are really quite similar just shorter and, well, more feminine. They are often described as beautiful. The men are typically of a slim-waisted yet firm, muscular build including long, muscular arms and large hands. They are often seen shirtless and seem very confident; it seems the women and men have wonderful love lives together.

Well thanks WowWiki I’ll uh, keep that in mind

anonymous said:

i really want to get back into WoW and maybe start roleplaying but i have no idea where to start? i never know how to roleplay i always get embarassed and feel dumb when i try but it seems so fun :( and i'm terrible at developing OCs too, is there any tips u can offer me? thank u in advance ur WoW characters are awesome

well, first thing is, don’t be nervous friend! trust me, i was scared and i still am very nervous to walk up rp, but think of it as an escape, really. you can be anyone and act anyway you want and it’s a load of fun once you get into it!

some tips though:

  • if you want to make a convincing enough character, research the lore and background of that particular race/class. wowpedia and wowwiki is a good start, but many of the forums have specialized guides on particular char / class combos!
  • download myroleplay addon, it allows you to make customized name, age, eye color, backstory, history, etc. it’s a must have for any aspiring roleplayer!
  • try to make things within the realm  of reason. a half orc, half elf is okay, a demon naga undead elf baby is…not entirely feasible.
  • i find this site particularly useful to come up with a quick personality on the go. this site is also great for coming up with names (you can select wow centric names as well!
  • just come up with ideas! do you want to be a kindly and caring gilnean or a hardened rogue from arathi? the choice is yours!

and of course if you’d like to ask me more questions in game, you can contact me through bnet (loki #1116) anytime. c: