Denice Frohman, “Dear Straight People,” from the Women of the World Poetry Slam 2013, Minneapolis, MN.


How to Memorize a Poem:

by Eris Zion Venia

1. Remove your bra

Anything worth doing should be done braless

2. Take a bath

Memorization is easy when you don’t smell like onion

3. Get hype

Do your best Beyoncé bounce while looking back at your ass in the mirror

4. Take a break

Beyoncé is exhausting

5. Post it to Facebook

It doesn’t count if you don’t

6. Read your poem

Eliminate all words that have 4 or more syllables

7. Masturbate

The mind is clearer post orgasm

8. Wash your damn hands


9. Take a nap

The mind is a little too clear post orgasm

10. Put your bra back on

Because clearly swinging boobs are slippery slopes.

I was lucky enough to be in the room for this very performance and be a part of the crowd going wild.  I approached Eris afterward about publishing this here and we’re grateful she let us!  Click her name up there to see her site and more of her work.


Rachel McKibbens - “Portsmouth, Ohio: A Dirge in Four Parts”

"I cannot trade my life for hers. I have five children, my life is not mine. So I offer you instead my blood-engine father, my curdled mother, the sweet elderly couple across the street…"

A living legend of slam poetry - Rachel McKibbens performs at Rustbelt 2012.

As promised we will be posting videos of female Slam Poets and telling you more about WoWPS most days for the next few weeks.

If you live in Minnesota or are planning to attend WoWPS 2013 and would like to volunteer - click here for more information!


"Dear straight people… You’re the reason we even have a closet. I don’t like closets but you made the living room an unshared space and I feel like a guest in my own house." - Denice Frohman. What a boss.

This year I’ll be representing my local venue at the Women of the World Poetry Slam—-an all-female poetry competition—-that will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There will be about 80 women competing with their best pieces from March 6th through March 9th.

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Thank you!


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Red Bricks by Roanna Shebala

Rowie set the whole room on fire with this poem during the one-minute round of WOWPS.  I approached her for permission to reprint it here.

Red Bricks

Copyright © by Roanna Shebala


How could I write about what none will understand?

How could I explain my heritage to those not a part of it

without them conjuring up thoughts of the Disney version of  Pocahontas;

or in their effort to relate by telling me that their  great-great-grandmother was a Cherokee princess?


How can I control this hate?


Hipsters telling me, Get over the past,

as they make a mockery wearing my culture’s jewelry, sacred feathers.

They tell me too find pride in mascots.

Red paint covering white skin


It’s a building block,


A wall of assimilation separating us from home,

brick after brick:

Brick.  1830 Indian Removal Act.

Brick. 1864 The Long Walk.

Brick. 1873 Bureau of Indian Affairs Boarding Schools.

Kill The Indian, Save The Man.

Brick. 1890 Massacre at Wounded Knee.

Brick. Alcoholism, diabetes

Highest suicide rate.

Brick. Highest sexual assault rate.





Shi’ eh Roanna Shebala yini’she

Tse’njikine’ Nishlli

Deschini’ Beshescheen

Too’soni Nishli

Deschiini Beshichiin


You built a nation with all of these bricks.


I will not be barricaded.


You can find Rowie on the internet here.