Call for Donations

Hey everyone,

We just passed 300 RSVP’s on our event page. We’re hoping to get even more as April 28th creeps even closer. We are absolutely thrilled that this many people want to stand together against the War on Women.

So here’s the thing. Between the costs from City Hall and the price of audio equipment, it’s going to take about $800 to get this shindig up and running. We have a little over $50. Here’s a visual of what that looks like:

Depressing, no?

If everyone attending the event could donate just $5, we would have more than enough. Not everyone can participate in planning, or booking speakers. Not everyone has time to make phone calls and email people and travel to City Hall to finagle insurance and permit things, or drive to the bank to set up an account. Few people have the time to obsess over the Unite Massachusetts social media pages. Heck, we barely have time for these things ourselves.

But $5 is comparatively easier. If you are planning on coming to our rally and would like to help make it a success, please make a donation. Nothing is too small to help.

You can donate via PayPal, or you can mail checks to: Unite Women-MA, P.O. Box 890063, E. Weymouth, MA 02189-0002.

Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you at the rally.