Mirrorverse!Bones is just as ruthless and evil as the rest of the ISS crew. He has to be on the ISS Enterprise, the prize stallion of the Empire. Everyone knows of the planets that Bones wiped out with a disease he created in the depths of his lab. Everyone knows that once you’ve crossed the CMO on the ISS Enterprise you may very well find yourself bleeding from your eyeballs and nose from a disease you didn’t even know was possible for you to catch. Bones equally tears people apart in his sickbay as he puts them back together.

So darlin’ you best make sure you never come across the doctor aboard the ISS Enterprise, because if you do, you better pray to whatever God you believe in that he’s feeling merciful that day. 

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[and finally getting to it. wow, this has been in my drafts forever]

1. Animal; Crow
2. Colour; Red
3. Month; December, April
4. Song; Fuck Him He’s a DJ - Ke$ha 
6. Day or Night; Night
7. Plant; Forest Fire Celosia [this took me a long ass time]
8. Smell; Apple, Smoke
9. Gemstone; Amber
10. Season; Summer
11. Place; Home, Meteor. 
12. Food; Pizza
13. Astrological Sign; Sagittarius 
14. Element; Fire
15. Drink; Apple Juice

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