“All I’m left with is just a vague brown smell; a mild stench of old fags, warm, stale beer, and cheap aftershave. The distinctive smell of Mister Murdoc Niccals. The smell of victory.”

likeablelukey asked:


ok so luke would act so polite and be kinda shy because he really really really cared about your parents liking him, so he would shake your dad’s hand and tell him how nice it was to finally meet him. and then you guys would be eating dinner and luke would tell your parents how lovely their home is and how great your mom’s cooking was, and your parents would be so interested in him bc he was australian and they would be asking him so many questions about what it’s like to live in australia and how the band started and whatnot. throughout the entire dinner luke would look over at you and smile because seeing you helped calm his nerves, and you would give him little reassuring nods to let him know that your parents were really liking him so far, which helped luke become more confident and way more at ease 

ashton would be such a hit with your parents because he absolutely loves talking to people and getting to know them, and since he adored you so much he figured he would love meeting your parents as well. so you’d all meet up at some fancy restaurant that ashton had suggested, and he would happily greet your parents with hugs and tell them what was best on the menu. he’d then just tell funny stories about tour and silly things his little siblings said, and your parents could see why you liked him so much because he was just so genuine and happy all the time, and they were beyond grateful that you found someone so in love with life (and with you)

I feel like your parents would meet calum at one of your football (soccer) matches because he came to all of your games to support you, and your parents came whenever they could. so you told your boyfriend beforehand that your parents were gonna be there, and calum excitedly cut you off asking if he could meet them because you talked about them a lot and it was obvious they were important to you. so during your game, you would look over to the bleachers and see calum grinning at you with your parents sat right next to him as he gave you a thumbs up. when you scored a goal, you could hear calum screaming, “GO Y/N!! THAT’S MY GIRL” and your parents were laughing at him, clearly overjoyed by your boyfriend being so supportive. after the game, calum ran up to you and lifted you off the ground, giving you a kiss and a piggy back ride as he carried you over to your parents. “congrats on the win, Y/N,” your father said to you as you slid off of calum’s back. “I like him,” he whispered in your ear, making you smile as he patted you on the back. 

and lastly michael would be sososo nervous to meet your parents because he was afraid they wouldn’t like his tattoos or his bizarre hair colors. your dad was super into classic rock bands such as journey and the rolling stones, so when he saw michael’s metallica shirt, your father instantly started talking about music with michael. they got so into the conversation that mikey ended up inviting your parents to his concert so he could watch 5sos perform, and your mom happily agreed too because she loved the way michael’s eyes sparkled when he looked at you and talked about things that he loved. mikey ended up becoming really close with your parents, which meant the world to you because they were all the most important people in your life

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - Naruko and Zaou Route (8)

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Approaching endgame! As always, please let me know if I’ve mistranslated something!

Today’s translation brought to you by Ryuu’s ‘Right, Say ‘Ah~’ / はい、あーんして?’ from the School Life mini collection.

Zaou: Eating together like this makes us seem like newlyweds. Eh, you’re already heard that? I’m happy when I’m with you, so my thoughts just fly out of my mouth. Right, say ‘ahh~’. Hey, I was joking! Ah, are you mad? Oh, you are……

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The darkness stirs. Carrinth listens. Carrinth accepts this offering. The contract is sealed.

Hera’s reaction will be shown. For the offered price kirathesorceress.

And also I’ve kinda already drawn it but since you’re offering and all I won’t say no…?


From Now on I’ll Have His Back


Sabo really is quite different to Ace in personality as he chooses to take the high road in not holding a grudge against Blackbeard’s lot, knowing that it would change nothing in letting his emotions get the better of him and blinding him in what he must do now; which is to protect their little brother who is in trouble.

And after making resolute declaration to Burgess that he will not let him get near Ruffy no matter what, he reassurances his kid brother that he won’t let anyone else take what is left of Ace from them and do what he can to buy him time.

((Broships can be such a beautiful thing in this world.))

Although Oda cuts off Sabo’s scene in a strange way as he mentions something about Devil Fruit Hunters, we’ll just have to wait and see if he’ll be able to elaborate in the chapters to come.

Though more than likely we’ll be turning to Ruffy and Gatz’ situation on trying to keep out of Doflamingo’s reach until he’s fully recovered; and with how easily he gets through the masses that try to stand in his way it’s not going to be easy.

I love when I’m editing my work and I like, “Ah, I should’ve said this instead” and I try to edit only to realize a second later, I ALREADY DID THAT.

Like I was literally transcribing a piece of text from my tablet to my WIP doc and at a part that’s like “I know it sounds stupid…” I was like, “Oh, I should’ve put, ‘But it’s true’ at the end.” Lo and behold, I am a jackass because the next part was, “Maybe it even sounds cruel. But it’s true.”