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I love you way more than I should... Its why I'm addicted to tumblr now. So if you're ever feeling down remember that I, as well as others, think you're totally awesome.

Oh wow, once you’re addicted you’re in for the long haul🙈 good luck and thank you 😘

Scary story though like I’ve had plenty of artists that I’ve loved in the past and even when I was like 15/16 but I never knew every song from every album like I do the boys now. I’ve never cared enough to really listen to all of someone’s music but wow I’m so addicted to 1d and I’m just kinda realizing it why am I 21 and still here what is my life

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i literally just bookmarked your blog to feed the fish i am very addicted like wow

goodlUCK getting away bc ur gonna feed the shit outta the fish omg

have u guys ever had dark chocolate chex mix like that stuff is addictive and wow its so good i want more it gives me a mouthgasm

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I just wanted to tell you that you're absolutely amazing, just, generally amazing, like, 'oh your personality is amazing', 'never seen your face but I bet it's amazing', 'your sense of humour is amazing', that type of stuff, and I'd totally tell you that off anon, but I'm suddenly awfully shy and therefore need to hide behind something - in this case, anonymity. Thank you for existing, it's kinda really, incredibly fortunate that you do.

I’ve been staring at the ask since I got it so I apologise for taking a while to get to it ;; I woke up at like 5 am checked tumblr??? Um, wow, hello internet addiction. And then fell back asleep. I totally thought I’d dreamt it up because holy shit.

Thank you?? Usually people have smart things to say when they are told cute stuff like this but I’m not one of them I just lie on the floor blushing and gurgling into the abyss.

So thank you, I’m honestly really awed you feel that way, I am but a tiny Anders obsessed pumpkin. If you ever want me, on anon or off, I am here friend <3 oh and if you did want to see my face

i remember this one time during some guy’s philosophy project about games and the internet and there this one girl that was basically the class’s genius that said that she spent 3 hours straight playing a video game once and everyone was all “oh wow she’s so addicted lol” and i just stared at her like “only 3 hours? amateur” please try again and come back when you spent 12+ hours straight everyday

Have gotten a mouse, wow that is an addictive time consuming activity. I’ve gotten Jack, so from I guess the ‘first wave’ of recruits just need Grunt now. To someone who played before, does Horizon open up after you recruited the first batch of dossiers, cause I am not looking forward to that.

I’m playing my current Shepard (Spacer, Soldier and Sole Survivor) as staying faithful to her ME1 LI, so no Thane/Garrus/Jacob loving for Elizabeth Shepard.

I think I got a handle on the upgrades, I upgraded the Normandy’s hull and gun, I’m holding off upgrading the medbay until after I get Grunt. I really am nervous about triggering the endgame before I’m ready.

I don’t deal with failure well.

Also does anyone know how to take a screenshot on Mass Effect 2? I just get a black screen.

Can't wait for tomorrow

Wow. Fighting addiction is hard. You make the choice to feed it or let yourself rot for the sake of being healthy. 

I’ve bitched enough so much about how “at this present moment I wish I had it”
But that’s the goddamn reality of it. The fact that for every time I’ve digressed the indomitable feeling that overcomes me, it’s as much that it actually effects me. 

For the many times I’ve bitched about wanting, having, that’s the reality of occurrence which my addiction pervades. Permeating an infinite sublime distillation of whatever run on sentence can convey the very crave I want.

Can’t wait for pay day…

Hey can I ask you a question?… Nevermind. (omfg)
… do you like Merriam?”

Kitsch. Fits nicely. I’ll be using it more often. Haven’t done anything like this since my ex. 

Why are you being so cryptic?”