wow thank you for the feelings

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I have to say, I think you built one of the most beautiful and interesting Slytherin blogs. If not the best - up to my opinion of course. Great pleasure to come into this dungeon per say, where we feel at home instantly and can spend just hours looking at everything, sometimes over and over. It's soothing to the brain after a stressful day... Makes me even more proud to be a Slytherin. Keep up the good work, you really show the greatness of our house.

Oh wow, thank you so much! I’m glad you like the blog as much as you do - it means a lot!

Snake love, 

Wow over 200 followers. So I want to do a small little giveaway for all of the shiny people who are following me. Now I’m not really good at icon making or banner making or gif making. However for those of you who have seen my AMV I feel like I’m decent at it so here are the prizes  


Grand prize

1 blog will get a mini amv based on their OTP.  

 This will most likely be a movie trailer.  

First Prize

 2 blogs will get an AMV based on their fandom  

Second Prize

 3 blogs will win a “Go Follow promo”



·      reblog

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o   but please do not clog the dash

·      this must get at least 15 notes

·      rp blogs only

o   I love the non rp blogs that follow me but I want to make it fair

·      Have fun and good luck

 This ends at the end of the month.  I will choose the winners based on a random number generator.  

Once again I want to thank each and everyone of you for this.

I got tagged by sonikkulover woo! Thanks for the tag buddie! ^w^

What’s your name?~ Daniela! but buddies call me Dani or Dan~

Where are you from?~ I am from the United of Kingdoms! *sips tea*

Favorite color?~ hmm.. Blue

Something in all caps!~ I’M REALLY FEELING IT! (sorry, that’s the first thing that came to mind… I’m not sorry)

Favorite number?~ uh.. 7 chaos emeralds

Favorite drink?~ Water… and tea.. wow I’m so boring.

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im rlly in my feelings rn lmao so tbh you inspire me so much as a young black girl and i absolutely adore your music, i cant wait till you make it big in the industry bc you sure as hell deserve it. thanks ily <3

wow, omg. <3 Thank YOU! This is honestly what makes me proud to be doing what I’m doing, I appreciate this so much. Thank you for believing in me, I’m working hard and I believe in you too!! 

susylaoruga replied to your photo “So I had a weird heart thing last last night and yesterday I got a…”

Ahhh! How are you feeling tho? Love and support headed your way!

hauntedpamplemousse replied to your photo “So I had a weird heart thing last last night and yesterday I got a…”

Oh wow I hope you’re safe! be careful!

Yeah I’m fine; I don’t feel particularly worse than normal (it’s a problem that has been persistent throughout my life, that spiked in an unexpected way recently). I probably should have done this heart monitor thing two years ago but WHATEVER.
Thanks for your concern, friends ^_^

kelpforestdweller replied to your photo “So I had a weird heart thing last last night and yesterday I got a…”

would it be weird to compliment you on your luxurious pelt

That is not a particularly wise thing to say to people if you don’t intimately know how they will react, HOWEVER, I personally am very flattered and glad you decided to compliment me in such a way :^P

so today was really rad

like nothing amazing happened but for someone with severe chronic illnesses, when I get a ‘normal’ day I just…it’s wonderful. Like damn I forgot how it feels not to be in pain all the time. Like wow. Is this how most people feel usually????

I mean my energy isn’t as good as others, and my fibro is flaring a bit now but… but I’m still hanging in there! I completed most of my to do list, and best of all, I’ve been happy.

Like I have no words to describe this. Honestly, only a person with depression (or has gone through it) would understand. It’s like a colour blind person being able to see properly all of a sudden. So simple but it makes all the difference for you.

I’m really thankful for this day. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good. And I’m hoping there will be many more after this, when I leave my retail job. Only three more days! And four more days until I move! Aaaah! So life is a bit crazy but still it’s nice to have dug up some strength and hope again.

Now as long as my money is okay for this month, then I really can take a breath for once. It’s starting to look a bit thin due to stupid insurance and me missing work from being sick but…I should be okay. I’ll just have to survive off of ramen noodles and bananas for awhile. But, I should be okay.

Other than that I’m really doing swell.

Okay, done rambling. Love you guys. Thanks for everyone who has sent me messages lately, you’re all wonderful.

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Oh me oh my, I just scuttled in to say how much I adore you and your writing. They way you write those dorky little meatballs is simultaneously feels-wrenching and hilariously sweet and wow. All hats off to you, friend.

Thank you! Thank means a lot!!!

Wow! 3000 followers?

I’m incredible! I’m very proud of myself for making it this far, and I suppose there’s one or two of you that are okay too so thanks. I feel like I should do something to celebrate. Any ideas? 

callie1x1 has reached 600 followers !!! what the fuck !!!!!

it honestly seems like just yesterday that i decided to start this blog, and just look at me now! huge huge thanks to all my followers, you’re all amazing and beautiful and i don’t know why you follow trash like me but i’m glad you do??

squad yo (aka the beautiful sunshines that i regularly talk to/love forever)

sighs1x1sERIKA!!! my american boyfriend !!! i literally love you so fucking much wow holy shit. you’re the real mvp, though okay? i know that whenever i’m sad, i can talk to you and whenever i’m drooling over shawn or luke, i know you’ll drool with me too. you always have compliments for me when i feel like shit, and stay up late just to talk to me about whatever comes to mind. you are one of the best people in my life and i love you so so much kitten, never forget that.

mukesafELAINA MY SWEET PRINCESS HI!! how are you today i hope you’re having a good day you deserve it. first of all, i’m always so fucking emo about lawyer, they are my tiny sons and i will never get tired of making up headcannons or AUs because we just have so much muse for them! they’re honestly one of the best ships i’ve ever had in my rping career and i hope we continue them long enough to see them have their happy ending. second, you are such a great person?? if luke doesn’t see the light and marry me, i hope he marries you because sunshine, you are #1. go get him, cutie, and good luck being an adult.

hallietalkshi hallie wallie i’m currently talking to you on aim about mashed potatoes nice. we also have a hella amazing ship that we JUST STARTED and i’m already emo about them???? you’re so funny though, and i know that i can alway count on you to like my statuses on aim or even comment on them so thank u for that huge ego boost that i do not need at all. but in all seriousness, i’m so glad we talk, you’re wonderful and i hope we become closer as we continue to freak out about roosevelt and graham!

aprilofrpyo yo yo sierra how u doin girl?? tbh sometimes we don’t talk that much but it’s okay bc when we do it’s so great!! parks and rec are number one and you are honestly the real life april ludgate it’s amazing! you also just went to disney not that long ago you lucky duck how were aladdin’s abs?? i want all the deets give them to me!!!! p.s let’s agree to never tell anyone about the nasty shit seth and lennox do because honestly it’s not gonna end well.

addy1x1 – hey princess. how have you been? we haven’t talked in a while (like talked talked) and i kinda miss you. i know you’ve got adult shit to do though, and lots of other fun stuff like that, so i won’t bother you, but i still love you lots and i probably always will. you’ve had a huge impact on me, and i’ll never forget it. 

other great people who deserve the best in life!

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Wow so tonight was very emotional

I want to publicly thank you all for reading my story and sending me your messages and replies and good vibes and hugs and strength.

Thank you for caring, for taking the time, for following me, for sharing your stories as well.

I love you so much. I’m so grateful, so so grateful it’s moving me to tears to realize you guys don’t even know me, we live in completely different places, but still you took the time to try to make me feel better about my past. Thank you so much for being here for me. You’re amazing, please know how much I appreciate your words.

I’m going to try to study now. But once more, thank you!

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning
That’s when I could finally breathe
And that morning, gone was any trace of you
I think I am finally clean

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you're my role model Maki. honestly, i look up to you so much!! you inspire me every single day and quite frankly i don't know where i would be right now if it weren't for you!!! thank you so much for just being you. you taught me how to be confident and how to love myself and i'm so thankful to you for that. i'm also thankful to your wonderful parents for making such a cute soul!! you're living the life maki, ahhhh ; ~ ; i wish i could write more!! ilysm. thank you!!! live well!!! xx

T-THIS IS THE SWEETEST MESSAGE IVE EVER GOTTEN IM ;n; !!!!! i really dont know how much of a role model i am but wow im so truly honored and beyond happy that i could influence ur life in such a positive way ;A; everyone deserve to feel confident and to love their wonderful selves and u deserve the world and more honestly so please continue being this confident and extremely kind ur gonna rule the world if u keep this up!! tysm for taking the time to leave me this and pretty please have a fantastic night ilusm baby bun♥♥♥♥ 

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You seems to be a cool little person. And seems to be fun to hang around with but seeing as I’m allot older then you I would probably go into guardian mode instead haha. Feel free to punch me for it tho if u ever figure out who I’m muhahah

lol i doubt the cool and little person part coz im neither one….but thanks for thinking so (: and wow someone is actually older than me here so beats me i have no idea who you are… sorry kinda late in response ^^;;


Wow… just.. wow! I have no words to describe this… thank you so much for all the support that you guys give to me, I really appreciate it. Well, I hit 10k a couple weeks ago and i didn’t have the proper time to do a follow forever, so here it is! (●´∀`●) I follow over 400 blogs so don’t feel bad if your name isn’t here, is really hard for me to pick up blogs, so please forgive me (ノ´д`)ALL OF YOU ARE AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL 💝 Here’s the blogroll 🎈 
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