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sometimes, crying is the only way our eyes can speak when our mouth cant explain how broken our heart really is.


grunge/ lucid ☯


record fun

My eyebrows when they’re not done make me think that I’m part human/part owl🐧(I just realized either I can’t find the owl emoji or their just isn’t one. Work on this Apple.😂)

♡ “LIES” ♡


DO YOU KNOW WHY THESE LITTLE THINGS ARE THE BEST? Blizzard took the giant cutesy head from the cubs and stuck it on a regular teeny-tiny-pawed cat body, then gave it the best animations ever and multiple ultra-cute-happy meows. And they have it a tufty little fire tail like a goddamn Charmander, and gave it a little spiky hat as if it’s a tiny little kitten going to war.

This is a recipe for heart attacks all around.