coach-takeda asked:

plz imagine Omega!Hinata going into his first heat during practice. Like he jumps to spike a ball but suddenly falls down in pain. Everyone is concerned until Hinata's scent reaches them. It's thick and delicious and Kags starts to feel aroused because of it. The situation is dangerous so Daichi, the older Alpha!Male who has already mated Suga quickly responds to this and comes in to helps Hinata to the nurse's office before things get ugly.

Daichi drops him off and stays until his parents come to pick him up. He explains what happend and they take Hinata home. As Daichi starts to head back to the gym he meets Kageyama waiting against the wall outside of the nurse’s office. His pupils are dilated and he’s breathing heavily. Daichi puts a hand on his shoulder to draw his attention to him and says “Come on, we’ll talk”

Daichi makes a quick stop in the gym to get Suga before leading the two of them back to the locker room. Being around the mated pair (a more dominate alpha and an omega) calms Kageyama down pretty quickly. Kageyama looks up at them and asks why the hell that bothered him so much, it’s not like he’s never been around an omega, or even one in heat. It’s never bothered him that badly before. If Daichi hadn’t been there he would have lost control.

Suga smiles up at Daichi and squeezes his hand before reaching out and placing a hand on Kageyama’s knee. Kageyama looks at him questioningly. “Has it ever occurred to you that you probably like Hinata? And that when he goes into heat it’s your possessiveness and and desire to protect him that is what throws you out of control?” Suga asks.

Kageyama’s eyes widen and he starts sputtering. “T…th…ere’s no way…ike that little idiot. I want to focus on volleyball. I don’t have time for a mate.”

He looks down at his feet and says much more softly “Besides, he probably wouldn’t like me. Nobody ever does.”

Daichi and Suga share a grin and Daichi says to Kageyama “You really need to talk to him about this. You two are going to be playing volleyball together for the next two and a half years. Wouldn’t it be better if you had all of that sorted out? You can’t exactly lose it every time he goes into heat”

“Wait till his heat is over and then talk to him.” Suga continues “I have a feeling things will work out in your favor.

Kageyama gasps and grabs Suga’s hand. (Daichi lets out a very minimal rumble and Kageyama loosens his grip) “Why would you say that? he asks.

“Well” Suga pats his hand reassuringly “Let’s just say I have had a similar conversation with him about a certain grumpy setter. And how there is no way he would possibly be interested in a short ball of sunshine”

Kageyama looks up at Suga and Daichi and gives them a rare genuine smile. “Ok, I’ll talk to him……….wait, how long do heats last?

Daichi looks at Suga and shakes his head. “He’s your son, you tell him.” Daichi sighs and leaves them to it.