“guys, before the next boss, im bleeding vaginally lets talk about it”

i have seen grown men throw tantrums and ragequit because they didn’t get their transmog staff multiple times

did i mention women bleed vaginally and its all we talk about

whos making all these comments!?????!??!?!!!?????!!!

books exist, read one

books exist, read one

yes but you’ll still get women coming in :)))

“i cant get dick so im gonna follow hitler’s ideologies”

ah yes. hell hath devoured the church and it’s all the womans fault. when will man save religion

oh we’re nazi’s again- JUST KIDDING nazi’s were cool and feminists aren’t

*mind blown* thank you vave

see translation: “im a white man and everyone hates me”

men all over the world give up fights, sports teams with females in them win everything, politics become overrun with women, lady lawyers get a boom in business

oh man (related to the above^ picture)

i hate to beak it to you bud, but uh

“then they did a voted”

vave knows whats up apparently

someone advertised a female raid guild (which is dope af) and this ensued

screenshotted some really interesting comments. note the repetition of names.

wyrmrest accord never fails to bring it.