having michael as best friend would be like the best thing ever cause you could call him at 4am when u suddenly woke up and he’d come over and hang out w/ u on your bed and u’d watch sailor moon together and michael would be like ‘hey lets order pizza’ and u’d be like 'michael its 4am, dont think someone would bring it’ and he’d shrug and lay his head on your boobs bc he always says they are cuddly pillows, but u wouldnt care cause his hair is so soft, but then while youre playing w/ his hair u’d notice lil snores and see that lil bby mikey was asleep, so u’d try to push him away so he could lie on the pillow but he’d just mumble 'no let me sleep on your boobies’ and u’d just roll your eyes and turn the tv off, to get some sleep w/ ur best friends whos sleeping on your boobs. lol rip michael girls

simplenameee asked:

since i love seeing my babies together, can u pls do a nalu fanfic that is super cute. THAT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED THANK YOU

   Sure thing!  I hope you like it!

     “I dunno why you want to go here…” Natsu grumbled quietly, shuffling his feet along the pavement.

     “Because I happen to enjoy looking at art and you said you’d come with me!” Lucy retorted, walking ahead of him while swinging her arms gently.

     “I know,” Natsu groaned, “but it’s just going to be so boring…”

     “Hey, how do you know?  You might actually enjoy it.  It’s just an art museum, Natsu, it’s not going to kill you.” Lucy rolled her eyes at his overdramatic mood.

     “Fine but I never promised to be happy about this.” Natsu pouted and Lucy giggled at the cute little face.  The pair finally made it to the Fiore Kingdom Art Antheneum stepping through the large wooden doors.

     “Wow!  Even the lobby looks amazing, I can’t believe I’ve never been here before!” Lucy exclaimed in awe.

     “I can believe I’ve never been here before…” Natsu muttered and Lucy scowled at him.

     “Come on, Natsu.  Please don’t be all mopey the entire time we’re here!” Lucy begged him with her huge brown eyes and Natsu sighed, he couldn’t say no to her.

     “Fine.  But just for you Luce, you better feel special.” Natsu smirked and Lucy regained her bubbly composure, cheeks tinted pink.  They paid their entrance fee which Natsu had complained about because it was 4,000 jewel but was quickly shut up by another death glare from his blonde companion.  The two idly walked through the hushed halls of the museum where Lucy would occasionally make an approving little chirp at something she’d like or point out something interesting to her.

      “Hey, I want to go see the Ancient ruins of Fiore, they have a huge exhibit here!” Lucy tugged on Natsu’s hand in the direction to a large room while he protested but was quickly quieted by the site he saw.

     “Wow…  There’s certainly a lot of stuff in here.” Natsu pondered, taking in all the pieces around him.  There were clay pots with etchings on them, animal statues adorned with emeralds and other jewels, and weapons carved from bones and stone.

    “Isn’t it great?” Lucy asked breathlessly, “They’ve even got sarcophagi from across the world!” Lucy pointed out in an adjoined room where they had an exhibit from Desierto*.

    “Hey, Lucy!  This one kinda looks like Happy!” Natsu snickered pointing to a statue of a black cat with a scarab collar and gold jewelry hung from it’s neck.  This one was different from the others though, it looked like an Exceed rather than a regular house cat.

    “Huh, yeah it does look like him.  That’s strange…  Exceeds supposedly only have been on Earth Land for about 15 years…  Maybe they somehow visited in ancient times?” Lucy wondered out loud as they walked through the darkened room.  They looked at the Pharaoh coffins and Lucy admired all of the golds, blacks, and turquoises they used to beautify everything in their era.  They moved on to a long room with statues from Bellum* carved from white marble.

     “It’s pretty amazing how they could get everything so lifelike when it’s all carved from stone.” Lucy mused and Natsu grunted in response.  He couldn’t help feeling a fondness for the way Lucy was looking at everything with such happiness, he thought it was kind of adorable.  Natsu stopped dead in his tracks when he caught sight of a few rather less than clothed statues.

     “Lucy,” Natsu tried to hold in a bursting laugh and managed to just sound like he was choking making Lucy whip around in response.

     “What’s wrong?” She exclaimed in alarm until she realized he was laughing and them squinted at him. “What’s so funny?”

    “Look.” Natsu stated simply while pointing to one of the marble statues in front of him.  Lucy stared at the statue in confusion and looked back at him for an explanation.

    “Look!” He hissed and snickered, “They’re naked!” Natsu’s laugh got a bit louder turning his cheeks red.  Lucy puffed out her cheek and frowned.

    “You are such a child, Natsu!” Lucy scolded him turning back to the sculpture. Though hearing Natsu’s little giggles made her mouth twitch upward and when Natsu noticed that it made him laugh even more.

   “You think it’s funny too!” Natsu loudly whispered in a singsongy voice while receiving a defiant look from Lucy.

   “No I don’t.” Lucy shot back stubbornly but Natsu could see she was desperately trying to hold back a smile.

   “Look Luce, look… They even have their things!” Natsu could barely breathe at this point, clutching his sides trying to not be too loud.

   “Natsu!” Lucy chided but her own throat let a little chuckle out.

   “Just imagine this,” Natsu gestured to the statue, “They had to sit there and carve out all that stuff…  They even had to carve out the boobies!” Natsu laughed out loud that time earning themselves glares from passerby’s.

   “Shh!” Lucy growled but she couldn’t hold back her own chortles.

   “B-but they’ve got, ha-ha, everything!” Natsu’s voice was reaching a dangerous octave and Lucy clasped her hand over his mouth.

   “They’re going to kick us out if you don’t be quiet!”

   “Oh man, Happy would love this!  Totally worth it to come…” Natsu sighed, his face red from laughing while Lucy’s hand was still glued to his mouth.  They had managed to end up in front of a statue of a couple.

    “Oh my god…” Lucy squeaked out as they both stared at the statue.  Natsu started to shake before sound even came out as he laughed loudly.  The statue of the two were completely naked as well while the male sensually kissed the neck of the female.

   “Natsu shut the hell up!” Lucy laughed, her own cheeks red from embarrassment and laughter.  Other museum goers glared at them and shuffled out of the room to the point where it was just them.

   “Wow, the ancients really knew how to make some great art!” Natsu concluded and Lucy just shook her head.

    “I guess so…” Lucy agreed but then froze as she realized she was still clinging to Natsu from covering his mouth before.  She sprang back, her entire face almost red while Natsu looked at her curiously.

    “Err…  Maybe we should move on?” Lucy suggested but Natsu had a dangerous glint in his eyes.

    “Why, this room is kinda funny.  Don’t you think what they’re doing looks kind of interesting?” He questioned stalking up to Lucy with a mischievous face.  Lucy stared him down, unsure of what his next move was going to be.

   “W-what do you mean Natsu?  Let’s just move to the next room and try not to disrupt anyone else.” Lucy began to cautiously walk on but Natsu grabbed her from behind causing her to squeal.

    “I am a man from Ancient Bellum!  I must attack the neck of this woman!” Natsu declared in a mock voice and then nuzzled his face in the crook of Lucy’s neck gently placing his lips on her throat.

    “Ah, Natsu?” Lucy’s voice hiked up a pitch and he pulled away from her with a light blush on his face. “You done?”

   “No.” Natsu answered in a serious tone, eyes burning.  “Let’s get out of here.”  He scooped her up over his shoulder, with much protesting from Lucy, and carried her to the exit.

   “B-but Natsu!  The rest of the museum…”

   “Don’t worry, we’ll come back, I promise.” Natsu flashed her his signature cocky smile and charged through the exit much to the dismay of the concierge and other patrons.

    “We just got here…” Lucy’s whimpered from over his shoulder.

    “I’m sorry Lucy but as an ancient man from Bellum, I must conquer that neck of yours with kisses.  It’s the rules, you saw the statues.” Natsu stated exaggeratedly as Lucy blushed.  “Besides…  I think we should do exactly what they were doing and do away with these bothersome clothes…” Natsu whispered in her ear.

   “Natsu Dragneel!” Lucy yelled, punching at his back but ended up giggling along with him. 

    “Onward my Lady!  To the ancient bed!”

    “Enough with the ancient stuff!”

    “To do the ancient thing!” Natsu guffawed as Lucy gasped and pounded on his back in protest as he ran back towards home.

A/N: Sorry this is so late but I hope you like it!  

*The places mentioned with a star are actual places in the Fairy Tail universe.  I did my best to match up with where they might be like in accordance to our world.  Sooo Dessierto would be Egypt and Bellum is Rome.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEKKI a C0llab between me and kel

Dear bekki chan, happy birthday u are older yet u have not gotten any taller, but that is not a bad thing, like how an first period element gets smaller but gets stronger as it gains protons [an ode to haz], thats like u OYU ARE TOO STrONK TO GET ANY TALLER BC IF U DID EVERYHTING WOULD BLOW UPr eally tho jk bekki I LOVE U WE BOTH LOVE U I DIDNT KNOW WHETHER KEL WANTED TO POST THIS OR not but u thnk u both r asleep except for me so ok, I HOPE U HAVE A SWELL SWELL bday and the rest of the year til the next one bc after the crappy year youve had, i think you deserve it more than anything SO HOPEFULLY BLESSINGS COME TO U, U GET TO GO TO AMERICA NEXT YEAR, AND WE GET TO TEASE U FOR EBING TINY.

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But what if Luffy really did get hit by Akainu in Marineford and the scene was reversed with Ace holding him, listening to his chanting and not registering that his little bro which he called weak and a crybaby really did lose his life saving him.

P.S. Luffy was kind of tinier than Ace (like, 13cm shorter?) so that makes the scene kind of… More heartbreaking when you imagine it, at least for me.


seriously like that would be so horrible because to ace luffy is still so young and you’re right he’s sO LITTLE and it’s even more of ace’s kind of ~duty~ as a big bro to protect him


i think that would destroy ace tbh, i’m not quite sure how he’d come back from that ;u;

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Whats your take on the whole voice chat thing in Splatoon?

From my experience in the testfire, I feel that in random online, voice chat is indeed completely unnecessary and its removal cuts out a lot of potential douchery. The game’s setup allows each player to do their own thing and contribute to the team whether they’re directly working with other players or not, so most strategy can be figured out without voice chat. That being said, some more d-pad commands like a simple “I need help!” or “Go get ‘em!” would definitely be a lot more helpful than the “Booyah!” or “Come on!” used in the demo.

For online with friends, though, I think it’s a criminally lazy omission. Profane 12-year-olds on random matches are one thing, but considering that the Wii U has the capability for voice chat, there’s no reason that the option shouldn’t be there for when you’re playing with people you already know. But then again, I have a couple of issues with lazy omissions in Splatoon in general - for example, there’s no reason whatsoever for them not to include a two-player local Turf War rather than the weird balloon minigame. Hell, they could probably even pull it off as a four-player splitscreen thing.

sparkly punk net intro!!

hey, i’m caitlin, i’m 14 and i live in western australia, but i’m moving to texas in mid-july and i’m so excited bc shows!! i love and post about mcr, p!atd, fob, msi, and tøp, and also love but don’t post about ptv, sws, om&m, bmth, and atl. i like rowing, singing, and writing (and oxford commas my english teacher can suck my ass), also i’m currently supposed to be working on one million fics and i’m not so come to my inbox and yell at me to work on them any time please.

that’s all i guess! if u would like my snapchat or social medias or w/e just ask. i look forward to getting to know everyone !!

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I've just finished eighth grade, how different is ninth?

i guess it would depend on which school you went to

i mean, my feeder school was really small (had only 400 kids and was pre-k to 8th grade) so coming to a high school with over 2,000 people was really overwhelming 

it also depends on what you’re taking

  • honors classes do give more homework
  • regular classes homework is usually moderate 
  • bring water everyday!!!!!!
  • they don’t really expect more from you??? like idk most middle school teachers lie to u
  • no one cares, literally no one

it’s not that different?????? at least for me it wasn’t besides there being more people,,,,,,

atracaelum asked:

Hey @anon with the friend who hates themself: there's little advice to be given but I'll try. The tricky thing is you can't MAKE them love themself no matter how much you think they should. The only thing you can do is not "give up" on them; be their for them, make it clear that you do care, and either they'll come around or at the very least it'll be enough to make them hate less. And be careful being "annoyed". It can be frustrating but this kind of thing isn't exactly a choice on their part.

*nods to all of this* also the part about annoyed feels [which is why you’d probs need to stop and take a breather if u feel like u might burst on them since i don’t think that kind of confrontation would make them feel any better]

lovely-little-ryland answered: BLUE!!!! but also blonde is rad too bc im p sure ur actually dave

Oh goshies ye I thought blue would actually be cool to do too!

I have to agree again w you tho, blonde sounds pretty tempting to do as Strider… (and omg now that u mention it i feel like i am like a mega dave sometimes)

I think it’d be cool to do the blonde for when a convention comes up so I can wear my Dave cosplay again…

larrylarrylovee asked:

Hey! I saw your list of your 10 favorite love songs and I was wondering if you could expand it to like 10 more? it would be much appreciated :)

I can try! I don’t know if I can come up with ten more good ones but I’ll do my best 4 u. These aren’t like the “best ever” or anything, just some of my favorites.

The first ten are here, if anyone else cares, but I’ll do ten more.  

1) A Case of You by Joni Mitchell. This is one of the best written songs in existence in my opinion. Like, the lyrics are enough but her voice is so beautiful and her runs are crazy. I think it’s more bittersweet/nostalgic but if you squint it’s definitely in part a love song. James Blake does a cover that is gorgeous too, but Joni, oh Joni.

2) Just Like Heaven by The Cure. This is my favorite song of all time. It’s happy and it’s fun and it’s well written and it’s by The Cure. All is well. 

3) Chateau Lobby #4 by Father John Misty. I think it depends on if you like his Americana kind of style of music, but his latest album is full of pretty love songs. “I haven’t hated all the same things as somebody else since I remember,” is essentially all that love is, probably. Who knows. Idk. 

4) The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields. Okay, so they have an album called 69 Love Songs. This is just one of the gems on it. It’s kind of incredible. Listen to all 69 of them. 

5) La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong. Everyone should know it. Everyone should feel inadequate and untalented when they hear it. I think it plays in every love scene that takes place in France.

6) Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I know it’s kind of cliché but it’s so pretty and simple and sweet. The simplicity and brevity of the lines are what makes it so nice. Also what a line “I need your grace to remind me to find my own” is.

7) More Than A Woman by the Bee Gees. Look. I don’t know. Falsettos get me. 

8) 400 Lux by Lorde. Lorde is just so cool and so talented. I want to make a list just about Lorde’s music so I can rant about how cool and talented she is. This song is so endearing and honest. Using “and I like you” as a punch to the end of every line is everything. I like her.

9) I Would Do Anything for You by Foster the People. A chorus consisting of “oooh la la I’ve fallen in love” and then a bridge just repeating “I’d anything for you” makes for a nice love song by default, I think. 

10) God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. Sometimes you have to stick with the classics. There is a reason this song will never die. It’s about forever, man. As long as there are freakin’ stars above you. 

if u had told me like five or six years ago that there would come a day when i would drive to work listening to taylor swift and that i would then leave work to buy a nicki minaj album

i would have been so MEAN to u

i would have made fun of u so HARD

and now

here we are

zeepandaroo replied to your post:Sometimes I get the urge to punch myself hard in…

Bruises are SO pretty but ONLY IM ALLOWED TO PUNCH MY PET >:U RAAH /swings at you but stops and pats ur face instead/ (you would look really nice with bruises but also I don’t want my lil’ pet to get hurt uvu )

I would look really nice with bruises huh?? Like I don’t want someone random to just come and beat me up but if a bruise happened by accident that’d be so cool O:

anonymous asked:

if u dont feel comfortable answering this then its ok (or if youd like me to come off anon) but im in a v similar situation (my dad and grandparents i live with are very mormon and conservative as well but my mom isnt) and i was just wondering how u got yourself to come out when you still knew the turnout would potentially be v bad? idk im just worried for if i ever decide to come out how theyd take it bc my dad is extremely religious and always makes me feel bad abt my views that are different

yikes im gonna be 100% real here and not try to lighten the situation but i came out to them via suicide note. it definitely did not work and if i could go back in time i would never do that again so please please do not try to tell them through that route. i promise whatever you do it’ll work out in the end, you’ll get there slowly but i’ve made some progress with my parents in about half a year and that’s incredible seeing as i thought they would never progress at all. stay strong. we’re in this together

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good ways to get over bad eating habits, like drink a tea or eat something healthy and small? I get home from school and go straight to the fridge and pantry and eat everything I like till I'm super full then I feel really shitty and know I don't need that ..

You need to start and stick to a routine for 21 days straight and then it will come natural to you. You just need to be motivated to coming home and having a tea or fruit, maybe popcorn or granola bar would be easier. Start slow. I wouldn’t go from eating junk food to eating vegetables but I would take steps towards it, start off by having healthy granola bar or natural popcorn, rice cakes, cause when u r coming home from school U usually crave carbs . Then slowly transition to fruit and nuts

anonymous asked:

you have your own little tumblr clique and you come off as this cool person who someone would wanna be friends with, but just a little bit intimidating.

Thabk u but this is funny cuz earlier i said to my coworker “people think im like intimidating but then i open my mouth and it all goes away” like im soooo not intimidating but i love coming off like i am

anonymous asked:

I am sick and tired of people like yourself glamorizing mental disorders or trying to look cute by claiming you have one. You may be all witty and charming, but no "clever" come back to my claim with ever excuse how fucked up what you're doing is.

i have bipolar disorder ive been diagnosed with it and i struggle with it daily and it causes significant problems for me and hinders my ability to function in almost every aspect including social, cognitive, emotional, academic, etc

hows that for your “glamorizing” kiddo

for faust / ph4u57

feel free to add below if you feel it’s necessary!! 

first off, admit what you’ve done is wrong; admit that you’ll own up to the actions you have done and admit that it’s wrong.
apologising is obviously important, so address the big stuff first; i dunno much abt what you’ve done but from what i’ve read the most noticable things are animal abuse? and pedophilia but idk how old u are and i really need that explained lol

then address the little things (not necessarily little but, yknow) like sending rape threats and suicide baiting(?) i think individually apologising to everyone you’ve said these things to would be great but you might not remember and thats ok!! if they feel comfortable they can/will come forward and you can apologise to them then. 

make a change. explain how you’re going to try to be a better person and how you are going to make a difference in how you treat people, and if you slip up in the process? that’s alright, don’t beat urself up over it. apologise, and start over. its a long process and im on the same road w my abusive and manipulation tendencies. 

and if people are still bitching at you, they just hate you. you can’t change their minds. but remind them that you apologised!! 

this can apply to anyone too, if you feel the need to apologise for some stuff!! 

@ anyone if you ever, ever feel like killing yourself or self harming or are just overall having a bad day, msg me! anon or not, i can try to cheer you up. and in the case that you relapsed or something and need to discuss it in depth, just msg me saying ur username on skype or imessage (i can keep it private if ur on anon) and if ur not then i can answer privately!! 

RYKER had given it a month for the brunette to come sauntering back into his life——–she never did, leaving him to die along with their memories as every day passed left alone in the comfort of his own insanity. ryker romano was a man of extreme measures, everything he did or thought multiplied by thousands as opposed to the average person. he kept tabs to ensure her safety with knowledge of her whereabouts in case of a situation that would lead to her complete disadvantage towards the people who looked to take over his territory. in her absence, he had broken everything in his home in hopes to relieve the anger and hurt he felt, but nothing had relieved the growing pain in his chest that never seemed to go away. truth was, he needed the brunette in his life to feel whole like he had purpose besides the overgrowing power he held in the city. for once in his life, ryker romano didn’t dive head first into the sheets with another female, he didn’t drink his soul away; instead, he sunk so far deep into the roots of his mind, he couldn’t bring himself out. he had destroyed the one thing he l o v e d like the monster he was, and as much as he wanted to walk away from what they had, he found himself on the outside, looking in, in hopes to get the answers he had been waiting for.

anonymous asked:

dif anon. I am with you with the Cosima issue. If I were to post my own personal views about OB and the characters I would have to tag ob negativity because now criticism is the new hate :/ when this fandom got there idk. Tbh I prefer just to post nothing at this point

Yeah. I feel like viewing things with a critical eye has been confused with hate, and some people that think theyre just being critical are being hateful. Its a messy situation to be in. I mean, the shade i throw publicly comes off as more hateful/salty af and I do recognize that. However, i’ve had multiple analysis conversations back and forth with m u l t i p l e people here and we’ve all come to a consensus on the fact that there are fans that have taken characters and ships and excessively fluffified them and stripped them to a point where they lose their depth and complication.

For an example, I didn’t used to hate cosima and I didnt hate cophine either. But many,many people have forgotten that cosima has done terrible costly things and instead spew hate towards rachel. Maybe i was a bit harsh in pointing out that cosima was basically the catalyst for all this dyad mess. SHE didnt listen to sarah. SHE fell into delphine’s trap and delphine was able to pass on information to rachel. Without cosima (quite literally) fucking around, Rachel wouldn’t have gotten as much as an effective leverage over clone club.

Cosima isn’t an angel, and neither are any of the other characters, but multiple fans make it put to be that way and it has just made me very salty in that respect. I think thats why i’ve just gotten progressively irritated over the whole ‘puppy’ thing, or the running fandom jokes about cos being the hottest one, or everyone having to, by default, love cophine. Its almost like i’m expected to agree with these things, and i’ve actually gotten hate for expressing my disagreement??? So yeah. I’ve gotten more (publicly) hateful that cynical and i realize that some people may have a problem with it and for that i apologize.

TL;D: any hate that i spew that seems like character hate is never character hate. i dont hate the characters, i just hate the way some really annoying fans view these characters. if i come off as hating on a character, i apologize. that was not my intent.