also I won the game of thrifty shoe shopping with this purchase of a total of $44 including shipping and I am soaring

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I think Hide and Kaneki would definitely want to be papas, but do you think they'd adopt a human child or a ghoul child?

I dont think it would matter whether the child was ghoul or human. I can see them getting attached to a child who was orphaned due to a ghoul attack but I can also see Kaneki taking in a child who was orphaned due to the CCG. So i guess it depends on the circumstances. I have a personal headcanon that they have at least one child that is related to one of them by blood (probably Hide) and had a surrogate mother. They child turns out to be a girl and she inherited Hide’s wild unruly hair, she had bright, intelligent eyes, and is always smiling and laughing. Kaneki is mother hen and worries about her like 100% of the time because she’s always getting cuts and bruises because she likes running and climbing things and she like “it’s okay daddy. I’m strong like you.” and she flexes her tiny little arms and runs off again. 

I also think that the first year Kaneki was very distant and hardly ever held her because he still saw himself as a monster. When she cried Kaneki would call for Hide and it got to the point where Hide would get frustrated and angry and tell him that she’s his daughter too and that he doesn’t have to be afraid. Telling him that if she grows up thinking he’s a monster than at least she’ll know that not all monsters are bad and that there’s nothing wrong with being a monster.


I got bullied yesterday at school. When I tried to explain what happened they didn’t believe me because of my bad reputation. Reblog if you would listen to me no matter how bad I act.

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εїз ~imclearlythebetterpilot

send me a εїз and i’ll make a starter with a line from the last song the mun has listened to.

Oh hold me,
like you mean it
Like you miss me
‘cause I know that you do

I wanna get back
Get back
I wanna get back
get back
Get back
Get back

Get back!


Get back by Demi Lovato

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I would like to point out that Sasuke is driven by illogical hatred and is controlled by his own emotions far to often to be an INTJ. Perhaps INFJ would suit him better?

An INTJ can be just as emotional as any other type. If your entire family and people were wiped out by the very society you were part of and then you discovered it was your brother who did it, etc…you would be pretty emotional no matter what your type. 

His secondary function is definitely extroverted thinking. This function is not meant that he makes decisions logically. That would be introverted thinking, which he is definitely not using as you suggest. However, he in no way engages in any Fe (the FJ you suggest) function characteristics. 

Consider the following text:

While INTJs’ Ni is anything but systematic, once an intuition has been uploaded into consciousness, their Te takes over and works to give it rational form, sort of like decompressing a computer file. This process can be painstaking, often taking longer than birthing the intuition itself. But in order for others to trust and get behind their ideas, INTJs must do their best to translate their intuitions into words or formulae.

In honing and shaping their intuitions, INTJs’ Te is highly systematic and methodical, even perfectionistic. They proceed carefully and slowly, always looking forward to foresee potential obstacles and contingencies. They work to incorporate facts, data, and other objective considerations.

Unlike FJs, INTJs are not as concerned with preserving social harmony. Te is characteristically impersonal, focused on objects and systems rather than subjective feelings. Through the impersonal and objectifying lens of Te, the world becomes a giant machine, a system of interrelated parts that functions according to the laws of cause and effect.*

This is how Sasuke operates. As he keeps getting new information behind what happened to his family, his past, and to the society he grew up in the more he uses the Ni. But how does he process this? Through the Te described above. He is trying to figure out the cause of the conflict and how everything ended up the way it is for him to be where he is now. If he were an INFJ he would care about the feelings of those he works with. Whether it is Naruto, Sakura, or the new gang he picks up….he really couldn’t care less about their subjective feelings.

*personality junkie

Eyes of a Bat, Heart of a Child

Rating: Mature
Archive WarningCreator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (I can’t think of what it’ll need yet)
Category: F/F
Fandoms: Wicked
Relationships: gelphie - RelationshipElphaba Thropp/Galinda Upland
Characters: Glinda ArduennaElphaba Thropp
Additional Tags: vampire AU 
Language: English
Summary: In the land of Oz, there live three societies. The Humans, The Vampires, and The Animals. For the most part they all get along great. Glinda was born a vampire, the only vampire to be born not turned since the last Ozma. Elphaba is a human who before meeting Glinda wanted nothing more out of life than to become a doctor, the first doctor in Oz that would take all clients no matter what they were. Elphaba thought that there was no fighting in Oz anymore, but upon meeting Glinda and agreeing to help her return home, what shouldn’t have been a long journey, Elphaba learned she couldn’t be more wrong.

Chapter 1: The Arrival 

Normally the campus of Shiz University was bustling with students trying to get to their classes on time, and people just milling about in admiration of the beauty that the campus beheld, be it people or nature. Normally people were out and about at decent hours, and inside or partying at indecent ones. However, this wasn’t normal. When the smallish blonde girl arrived on campus it was the dead of night. Even the partiers were asleep.

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This will be my one and only post on Alpha Male Madness this year. I don’t want to make a huge deal over popularity contests but I can’t lie and say I don’t want Jensen to win so go vote!

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Ereri AU where Eren is a bed and Levi is an insomniac. #theirlovecanneverbe #levijustwantstobeinsidehim


Eren is a bed in one of the rooms in this old inn and no one has rented that room for a very long time bc of rumors of it being cursed and Levi (writer maybe? looking for a change of scenery? just vacationing?) takes the room bc it’s cheap and clean and Eren’s so happy he’s finally going to serve his holy purpose of bedding people again but then he finds out levi’s an insomniac

and maybe a time will come when eren would drag levi to bed and make him sleep (or just cuddle him under his blankets)

If I wasn’t here tomorrow would anybody care?
If my time was up, I’d wanna know
you were happy I was there?
If I wasn’t here tomorrow would anyone lose sleep?
If I wasn’t hard and hollow, then maybe you would miss me?
I know I’m a mess and I wanna be someone
someone that I’d like better.
I can never forget so I don’t remind me of it forever..
What if I just tried not to remember,
would it matter at all?
What if I just tried not to remember,
would it matter at all?
All the chances that have passed me by
would it matter if I gave it one more try,
would it matter at all?
If I wasn’t here tomorrow would anybody care?
Still stuck inside this sorrow
I got nothin and going nowhere.
I know I’m a mess and I wanna be someone
someone that I’d like better
Can you help me forget, don’t wanna
feel like this forever.
—  Skillet-Would It Matter