Walk off the Earth

Hey guys! Are any of you fans of Walk off the Earth?

They are the band who did this amazing Gotye cover here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9NF2edxy-M and are generally big internet hits and awesome.

Anyway we are interviewing them later for Radio 1 and would love to get some video questions from you! If you want to ask the band something, just turn on your webcam record a question and send the video to amazingphil@gmail.com with title QUESTION!

If you are under 16 please film a parent giving your permission. Anyone from anywhere in the world can send one! But you have.. 4 HOURS! So go go go! :D 

p.s try and have good audio! There’s a bigger chance we will pick you if your sound is clear ^_^


The world is talking about Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama

This is the work of Ibrahim Mahama, the young Ghanaian artist creating radical public artworks from an everyday material - old jute cloth sacks. Many of these bags were initially used to transport cocoa. They are covered in markings that tell the story of what they once contained and where they’ve been.

Writer Asha Hai had this to say about Ibrahim’s work.

"Like the flayed skin of some doomed, giant creature, Ibrahim Mahama’s stitched-together coal sacks drape over the gallery walls, spilling on to the floor. The 27-year-old Ghanaian artist recycles simple jute sacks, imported by Ghana Cocoa Board and later used by charcoal sellers, to make sombre, viscerally powerful environments, which are usually displayed outdoors – in market places and public squares. There’s a palbable sense of wear-and-tear in Mahama’s patched-up and grubby surfaces. These are the battle-worn scars of supply and demand writ large. It’s hard-knocks installation art at its very best."

This installation was also exhibited at last year’s CHALE WOTE STREET ART FESTIVAL in Accra .His work is currently on exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London.


Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2013

The whole idea of a conservative continent is absolutely stunning. How we can be both progressive and conservative; they call it Sankofa, and the Accra [dot] Alt Chalewote Street Art Festival last weekend showcased it so perfectly. It was an exhibition of our creative and conservative identities, filling the streets with masqueraders, bikers, photographers, artists, painters, musicians and all kinds of people. I found it reminiscent of my childhood, when masqueraders would stand at traffic lights and frighten little children sitting in cars- except this time there was no fear, only excitement. For the older folks, I’m sure the festival refreshed memories of 1950 Accra.

Following this month’s posts and discussions on the conservative continent, witnessing the creative synergy from the blend of modern and “classical” Ghanaian art was absolutely inspiring.

I’m looking forward to next year’s. And by all means, you should also.

-Michael Annor

Click link for more pictures from the Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2013

Star Trek fancastingThe Uhura Family Tree

Nichelle Nichols as Upenda Uhura

Phylicia Rashad as Imani Uhura

Pam Grier as Dalila Uhura née Mazrui

Kerry Washington as Marjani Uhura

Columbus Short as Zawadi Uhura

Michael B. Jordan as Jabari Uhura

Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura

Nicole Beharie as Sanaa Uhura

#i’m surprised i haven’t been kicked out of the fandom yet #we don’t really know much about uhura’s family in canon #it was fun coming up with all this #but my god this was so hard to do

Notes: The last time I made a family graphic there was a lot of confusion over the characters. Hopefully this will clear things up a bit.

Upenda Uhura – Uhura’s grandmother and the matriarch of the Uhura family. She’s had quite the colourful past (and she’ll never tell you the full extent of it) and she eventually opened up a boarding house in Nairobi and adopted a child. She’s still running the boarding house and she shows no signs of slowing down, spending most of her days hosting community events in the boarding house, teaching her grandchildren the finer points of gambling, and spoiling her great-grandchildren.

Imani Uhura – Uhura’s mom and the only child of Upenda Uhura. She grew up in her mother’s boarding house and everyone who lived there helped raise her. Always a bright kid, she graduated from high school at sixteen and went on to become a lawyer. She met Dalila Mazrui at one of Upenda’s parties and they eventually married and had five children. She’s since retired, though that hasn’t stopped her from consulting on cases for prestigious law firms every so often. 

Dalila Uhura – Uhura’s other mom. A former delinquent, she eventually turned her life around and became a locksmith and safe cracker. She then made a career change when Uhura was nine and she now runs a respected private detective agency in Nairobi. While she has no plans to retire anytime soon, she’s taken lighter caseloads so she can spend more time with her children and grandchildren.

Marjani Uhura – The oldest of Uhura’s siblings. Growing up, she was frustrated by the lack of imagination in 23rd century holovid movies and it inspired her to become a producer. She’s now part of a production company operating out of San Francisco, but she still keeps in touch with her family, especially now that her little sister is in Starfleet. After all, she wants the whole family to be part of her kids’ lives.

Zawadi Uhura – Uhura’s older brother and a Xenomusicology professor at Kenyatta University in Nairobi. The Uhuras were a musical family so they supported him when he expressed that he wanted to become a musician. He became a foster parent a few years ago and since then he’s taken in a few more kids and his home is open to anyone needing a place to stay. That being said, you don’t want to mess with his kids.

Jabari Uhura – Uhura’s little brother, a xenoveterinarian specializing in the treatment of both Terran and non-Terran creatures. While he mostly works planet side, he has collaborated with Starfleet on occasion, mostly due to Uhura’s influence. He recently became engaged to a mystery author and they’re looking to get married as soon as the whole family can get together in one place.

Nyota Uhura – When Uhura was little, she would study the old language PADDs her family had, but it wasn’t enough for her to just read about them. She grew up speaking Swahili, Arabic, and Standard English, but she later learned Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, and many other non-Terran languages. While she has a couple of relatives in Starfleet, Uhura was the first in her family to go into space and she’s now a communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise.

Sanaa Uhura – The youngest of Uhura’s siblings. She’s still trying to figure out where her life is headed at this point both personally and professionally. Still, studying at the University of Nairobi has led her to discover an innate knack for chemistry and she’s considering going into xenoforensics after she graduates.


Star Trek genreswap fancasting The Enterprise Crew in Film Noir

Spock as the chief of police

Nyota Uhura as the intrepid reporter

Eleanora “Bones” McCoy as the hard-boiled detective

Jim Kirk as the homme fatale

#i’m surprised i haven’t been kicked out of the fandom yet #i was going to say something clever here #but all i could think of was bones saying dammit man i’m a coroner not a private eye #so i’ll leave the ideas to you guys