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I’m going to make sure there’s no passive-aggressive tone, here, and no subtext. Since the nature of the victory I was awarded seems to have been in question, and how I could pull it off I’ll go ahead and explain everything I’ve done, to alleviate any suspicion over how it came to pass.

I drafted a team, with a fun theme. I was shooting for Earth, Wind, and Fire. I got pretty much every player I wanted in the draft and trades for that team, save one, but found a more than adequate substitute to draft that I’m still thrilled with. From there, I got myself a team banner, and waited to find out who my opening week’s opponent was. Once I figured it out, I planned out a surgical takedown of them, detailed with reference for powers being used, images to lay out the movements of the players, and even scans from comics of specific instances of previous times they’ve demonstrated the abilities they’d be using. From there, just because I wanted to go the extra mile, I created an introductory music video of my team, featuring the band, Earth Wind, and Fire, to add to the entire fun of the match.

Now, that’s a bit of work. But I really wanted to make reading my strategy something people reading it could understand, enjoy, and vote for, after all.

mattbib, the man kind enough to endure the headache I’m sure it is to run this league, posted the match yesterday morning at 8 A.M. Within the first half hour, I took a 5-0 lead, and the rebuttal part of the strategies began. The score quickly grew to a tie, where it would go back and forth for the whole 24 hours.

I went ahead and began questioning the logic in my opponents’ strategies, as did many other league participants, or potential voters, and answered questions about my own, as part of normal league matches. For my part in the rebuttal, I posted scans to indicate which abilities were questioned within the limits of my team members, cited issues or instances that they’ve demonstrated the ability to perform tasks that some claimed were not possible for a page or two.

Twice in that time, I was accused of not being civil, for whatever reason, and politely asked that the tone of my posts not be implied. This league isn’t my first rodeo, and I’ve seen people portrayed as “the bad guy” during the debate to curry favor. I didn’t want that aspect to come into play again. That request was honored, for which I’m thankful.

So instead of continuing to go on and on about the strategy past the first few hours, I waited to vote myself, and read the list of the names who had voted. I was not surprised to see a familiar list of folks who seem to appear to consistently vote against me in the competition. But that’s their right. Whatever reason they might have to vote against me, they can, and almost certainly, will continue to do so. And 42 individuals came forth, some of whom hadn’t logged into CBR for over a year, to vote for my opponents.

I really don’t take that personally. They may have just liked the funnier strategy, or they might just be loyal friends. Either way, I don’t see the need to hold contempt for them for not liking my writing more. Because really, that’s all this is, right?

Instead, I figured if I was to lose, I’d still like to set a record. Win, or lose, I wanted this Mutant League match to have the highest turnout of any match in its history. At least I’d always be able to say that I was involved in such a thing.

Thus, I completely admit, I PM’ed dozens of people to inform them of the match. From all over CBR, people who I knew had participated in leagues, rumbles, or other games and competitions across the boards. This is obviously being bandied about in suspicion, that I stuffed the vote in my favor. Except… I didn’t say, “Come vote for me.” I told everyone, in their message, that I was hoping to set a record for voter turnout. I asked them to come and participate. I asked them to read the first 3 posts, and judge which strategy was better written, in the criteria of effort shown, believability, and creativity.

So, from there, the choice was theirs. I increased the participation, and frankly, any one of those people could have voted for me, or my opponent. Which is completely within the rules, and really could backfire on someone.

Win or lose, I was okay with whatever happened. As ten hours remained, the score was 31-31. It remained close, as I achieved the goal of massive turnout. As the final moments ticked down, I voted for myself, finally, and after adjustments were made for disallowed votes, I was left the winner.

So, that’s how this all went down. A large group of people may have voted against me, as I’ve been told, because they hate my guts. A large group of people may have voted against me because they didn’t like what I wrote as much as my opponents.

But honestly, knowing that a whole 43 people came, and took the time to read my strategy, and find it had the merit to be rewarded? That makes it well-earned, in my mind. It’s amazing to think I was in such a hole, as I’m told now, due to personal politics (which I’d like to think my opponents got votes on their own merits, personally), but I could win for actually doing a great job in the minds of others.

If that makes me hated even more, I’ll have to live with it, I suppose. All I try to do, is stay alive as long as I can, to write as many fun strategies as I can. Honestly, if what‘s being alluded to in the post-match wrap-up is true, I may never win another league match, and get eliminated in the opening two rounds of every one for years to come from having the nerve to actually achieve a victory today. At least I’ll get a few weeks of fun, while I’m involved, though.

Seeing such passion, and people drawn out to vote can do nothing but indicate how popular the competition is. But I think seeing Mutant League turn out as an honest, good-natured display between people showing off their creativity to be rewarded with the honor of doing so another week, and having fun with each other should outshine any bitterness, sour grapes, divisiveness, or petty vengeance from online slights that stem from it would be a far better legacy for the league to have.

At least, I think that’s the point of us having the thing.

—  worstblogever