I am adulterated by my worldly thinking and damaged by my selfish ways
As temptation flows in and my ship begins sinking, my only lifesaver is His grace
He holds my world in His open arms, mindless to the mess I’ve become
For broken pieces and shattered hearts are no problem for The One
The One who told me to never fear,
praise Him and to never worry
The One who’s Son dried my tears, and is coming to rescue without hurry
Unworthy is the only word to depict how I feel,
when it comes to Him,
how do I begin?
Although I sin, His mercy is surreal
And with His redemption, this battle I’ll win
—  what’s the point in fighting when He’s ready own for me?

Anybody else desperately want to meet their idol but at the same time are terrified too? because maybe you have no idea what you would say, maybe it would just be something they’ve heard a thousand times before even though it’s so sincere and the most meaningful and truthful thing to you, and to them it would be another cliché compliment they’ve heard so often that it annoys them, this genuinely bothers me