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Goddess of the Day: March 2

Lamia - Greek Serpent Goddess.  Lamia is originally a Goddess of Libya, and quite possibly an extension of the Goddess Lilith; but the most prevalent myths of Lamia come from her Greek assimilation.  When Hera stole Lamia’s children and destroyed them, Lamia went insane with grief, and transformed into an immortal demoness who hunted humans and drank the blood of children. She is a powerful sorceress and seductress, and is pictured as a serpent with a woman’s head and torso.

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide)


Someone New, Hozier

anonymous asked:

can you tell us your thoughts on "when i am weak, then i am strong"? i heard this bible verse (is that what it's called?) yesterday and i felt such a connection to it! im not very religious though, so i don't really know what to think of it.

oh! i will do my best, anon :)

this was not actually a verse i was familiar with offhand, i had to look it up. for anyone else interested, it’s 2 corinthians 12:10. “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

there a lot of reasons why i like this verse and why i feel it’s super important. but the main one is this. the god of abraham is a god who protects the weak and defends the oppressed and upholds the wronged. no matter how low we are on the pecking order society sets up and tries to enforce - His strength is ours.

and we don’t need to be ashamed of our weakness before Him, either. we can be at our lowest point, the rest of the world can turn its back on us, we can be in our deepest suffering, and that is when His love for us is at its most powerful, most merciful and compassionate. He will be our strength. and it can be in those moments - those moments of weakness and despair - that we can also remember that the most, that we can remember He is our strength, too.

i think there are lots of other important things that can be taken in that verse, too. like how jesus was persecuted because of his radical love, the kind that YHWH calls His servants to have. love for the oppressed and the weak and the wronged. protection of them. it’s very easy to turn a blind eye to all the injustice of the world. you might get hurt for speaking out against it. but it’s a risk we must take, to ensure that all of our family on earth is treated with the dignity and the respect that is their right simply by virtue of being human. that is what is meant by “love thy neighbor.” radical, transformative love in the face of social injustices and oppression. love enough for our neighbors that we will stand with them and support them and yes, risk harm ourselves to ensure that they are protected and respected, because all too often the marginalized are in danger of harm simply by existing.

if we are persecuted for standing up for the rights and livelihoods of our neighbors, that should not trouble us. we should only be troubled if that scares back into silence against oppression and injustice.

and there is also, i think, something to be said in that verse for the idea that when we are suffering in faith, it puts us closer to the servants of YHWH who likewise suffered, but my thoughts on that are not so articulate right now - but perhaps i will write more on that another time.

so, anon! those are some of my perspectives on that particular verse. i hope it was helpful to you. and of course as with any line from any holy text there are a whole lot of ways it gets interpreted, too, no doubt, haha :)

This morning I was dwelling on that moment Jesus left the eternal praise of angels in heaven to walk on the dust of the earth to stand by a tiny well in a tiny city and speak to an adulterous, faithless, Samaritan woman who had spent her whole life trying to find satisfaction in men. What He said to her blows my mind; it went something like this:

"You’re drinking water that will make you thirsty again. But I can give you water that will forever satisfy your thirst. It will well up in you into eternal life. I know you’ve been desperately drinking from a cracked cistern of man after man, marriage after marriage, and are now settled with a man that’s not even your husband. Don’t try and distract me with your theology of worship and the Jews; I’m the Christ, the Messiah, the Fountain of Living Water – I’m standing right in front of you! Can’t you see, beloved? I’ve come for you, pursued you, gone out of my way for you, because I desire your affection first and foremost. I won’t leave you or forsake you; I won’t let you down or fail to love you. I will love you and satisfy you deeply all your days; turn back to Me. I am indeed the Saviour of the world, and of your broken heart.” 

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Stand Firm - original print from The Worship Project.

Absolutely love this verse from Isaiah 7:9.

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