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Nothing I Hold Onto / Climb (Will Reagan) // Cover by Sarah Lee

  I am so in love with You,
  there is no one else for me

  I lean not on my own understanding

  my life is in the hands of the Maker of heaven

  I give it all to You, God
  trusting that You’ll make something beautiful out of me

  There’s nothing I hold onto
  There’s nothing I hold onto
  There’s nothing I hold onto

  I will climb this mountain
  with my hands wide open


What is God to an atheist?

Feel free to share your thoughts and criticism on this. I made this short video on an atheistic perception of God. When you think about the word God, what comes to mind? My typical reaction is the God of Abraham but that’s because of my upbringing. If I ask someone else they may consider Gods of other religions, or perhaps one of the many ancient Gods which are no longer worshipped. So depending on who you speak to the idea of God varies significantly. Why is one God real but another isn’t? And what is God to an atheist?


He will guide all who believe
Comfort those who weep
In Him is redemption
He will restore your soul

He will heal your broken wings
He will restore your soul
In Him is redemption 
He will restore your soul

Don’t be afraid 
For He will light the path up ahead

allstartstofade answered your question:FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

I think it is?? IT LOOKS LIKE IT. Even if it isn’t I’m going to pretend it is. I DON’T SEE WHY WE CAN’T PRETEND IT IS.

itsalwaysfour answered your question:FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

I’m going to pretend it is. Because Felicity assumed it was Ray’s office? and he’s the CEO?!? (that was the best scene of the episode tho)


it’s perfect. i am so…I need a moment


Lapis Niger - Sanjaq Worship

When we worship God on Sunday. It shouldn’t be about the style of music, the worship leader isn’t there to entertain us, to give us a rock show. The worship leader is simply there to lead us in worship. We should be so lost in praising God and giving Him the worship He deserves, that we shouldn’t be grumbling or worrying about what style is. I want my heart to be focused on God and giving Him the glory He deserves.