Stand Firm - original print from The Worship Project.

Absolutely love this verse from Isaiah 7:9.

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You Don’t Miss A Thing | Amanda Cook // We Will Not Be Shaken

There’s no place I can go that Your love won’t find me
no place I can hide that You don’t see;
no place I could fall that Your love couldn’t catch me
You see it all, You see it all
through the eyes of love


Years & Years| Worship 
(I seriously watch this at least once a day guys. We need a studio version!!)


Holy Spirit - Bryan + Katie Torwalt | Kari Jobe ft. Cody Carnes (Cover)

I’ve tasted and seen
of the sweetest of loves
where my heart becomes free
and my shame is undone

God loves everyone. Every single person. It blows my mind.


Jesus We Love You | Paul McClure

   old things have passed away
   Your love has stayed the same

Goddess of the Day: March 2

Lamia - Greek Serpent Goddess.  Lamia is originally a Goddess of Libya, and quite possibly an extension of the Goddess Lilith; but the most prevalent myths of Lamia come from her Greek assimilation.  When Hera stole Lamia’s children and destroyed them, Lamia went insane with grief, and transformed into an immortal demoness who hunted humans and drank the blood of children. She is a powerful sorceress and seductress, and is pictured as a serpent with a woman’s head and torso.

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide)

You guys, today couldn’t been more wonderful.

We had our first Worship Night at our youth group & I needed it so much. Just being alone with Jesus is more beautiful. Surrendering my all to Him feels so peaceful & I just feel like He knows that I want to do things on my own but He still took my heart & my mind & said “Come to Me, Holly. Surrender everything. You don’t need to control everything. Come to Me. I have your plans. My daughter Come to Me.”

So here’s a reminder to who is a control freak: Let God take control. Once you surrender everything, He shows you & takes you to His plans. Let Him show you the beautiful things through Him!

Gosh. God is so incredible.