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In Christ Alone, Christina Grimmie (cover)

Her voice is absolutely beautiful & this is one of my favorite songs

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I’m not able to wrap my head around the amount of emotion in this song. My brain just keeps imploding in on itself.

  • Here
  • Kari Jobe
  • Where I Find You

Come and rest here 
Come and lay your burdens down 
Come and rest here 
There is refuge for you now 

You’ll find His peace 
And know you’re not alone anymore 
He is near 
You’ll find His healing 
Your heart isn’t shattered anymore 
He is here 

Breathe in 
Breathe out 
You will 
You will find Him here 

I will rest in You 

You will find Him 
You will find Him here 
You will find Him 
You will find Him here

This Love Will Last Forever
  • This Love Will Last Forever
  • Phil Wickham
  • Response

This Love WIll Last Forever by Phil Wickham

Verse 1:

I know this is love, I know this is true

There’s nothing I need more than I need you

All I can say is never enough

With all that I am I will show my love


Oh, oh, I lift up my hands now

Oh, oh, God I will dance now

This love will last forever

Oh, oh, lifting you higher

Oh, oh, is all I desire

This love will last forever

Verse 2:

You captured my heart like nobody could

You broke the night and saved my life like you said you would

And all I can say is never enough

With all that I am I will show my love


Your glory like sunshine, it covers the skyline

Reigning from high above

You’re once in a lifetime

I’m all yours, You’re all mine

In this everlasting love

Last year, one of my favorite Nashville bands tweeted a link asking for help in making their next album. I was taken to a site called Kickstarter which allowed me to give support to the band in exchange for a reward. I chose the reward that gave me a copy the album when it was completed. I would have purchased it anyway, so giving the money in advance to insure that the album was made was a no brainer.

Fast-forward to today, and seeing kickstarter funds being advertised on Facebook and Twitter seems like an every day occurrence. I’m worried that people are becoming jaded with the site and losing interest in supporting great art.

In light of this, I want to share why I believe in Greg Wells’ project so much and want to see it made.

I’ve known Greg for over 2 years, and have seen his heart for leading others to know Christ through music. This spring we began talking about making an EP as the next step for him and his ministry. He had a vision for the message he wanted to convey about the Lord and an album seemed like the best way to help share that.

He came up to Nashville early this fall to begin the writing process for this EP. I am so excited about the songs that we (along with Brian Yak, Matt Armstrong, Brett Rutledge, and Jeromy Deibler) wrote. I love the truths that they speak about Christ. They are truths that I want to be reminded of. They’re truths that I really want to share.

I don’t just want to see this album created because I’ll be producing it. I want to see it made because I believe in it. I want to share these songs with you. So please, consider donating. You can pledge $10 and get a digital download of the album before it’s available anywhere else. You can think of it as a preorder, but it will help us actually be able to create the EP.

We’ve put a lot of work into this project so far, and desperately want to see it completed. This can only happen by the generosity of friends, family, and even you kind strangers out there. We so appreciate all of the support. You can click the title of this post to be taken to Greg’s kickstarter.