worms in dirt

Worms in Dirt

Growing up, I loved desserts. One day, at a local restaurant named “Friendlys”, I ordered this instead of my usual chocolate sundae. And let me tell you, it became one of my absolute favorite desserts to this day.

The recipe is SUPER easy and its so much fun for kids! I love the playful look that is borderline delicious and disgusting. Not many moments in one’s life that can be stated.

But in all honesty, this dish is not only chocolately and sugary, it’s creamy, crunchy, and chewy. The combination of textures really makes this worth making! For parties, for fun, for life.


Clear/Glass Cups


Gummy Worms

Instant Chocolate Pudding


  1. Follow directions on instant chocolate pudding mix. (It may require milk, water, etc. I used Vanilla Almond Milk to give it an extra kick!)
  2. Allow it to thicken in fridge and set aside.
  3. Take oreos and place them in a plastic bag. Crush them until they are the consistency of dirt. (Thus the “dirt” part of the recipe!)
  4. Take the clear cup and scoop in a large heap of dirt. Push a few gummy worms in.
  5. Over the pudding and gummy worms, sprinkle the crushed oreos.
  6. Push a few more gummy worms in.
  7. Garnish with a spoon and dig into that dirt!

Honestly. Best. Thing. Ever.