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World Wide Wednesday / Articles

Every Wednesday I will be posting some interesting articles from other sources on the world wide web related to Christianity. The articles do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion, rather it is to help others become more aware of what is happening in the world at the moment.

If you have an article to share with me, please let me know

  1. How Technology Could Bring Down the Church by Lisa Miller
  2. 7 Ways to Lead People Older Than You by Rod Edmonson
  3. It Doesn’t Matter If I like God by Steven Furtick
  4. A Love That Transforms by Anthony Lester (Amazing Facts)

  5. Are You Ready for the Rapture? by Gwendolen Fairfax 

WORLDWIDE WEDNESDAY (featuring music from different parts of the world)

"Travelling Man" - DJ Honda ft. Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey 

DJ Honda is an amazing producer/ DJ from Japan. He’s known to have many legendary emcees on all of his albums. #WorldWideWednesday #ChillinHardApproved

Introducing: #WorldWideWednesday and #TheShowreel on my Twitter Feed!

Well folks, another day and another two hashtag events coming your way:

We start off with #WorldWideWednesday - I select a random place in the world, and I give you 3/4 facts about the place. Who knows, you might learn something interesting…

Then it’s #TheShowreel - Movies, old, new, classics, and the downright terrible, I want you to show me some of your favourite movies! Follow me, mention me, and tell me your favourites, using the hashtag #TheShowreel - Simple as that!

Hope to see you all there! Have fun!