The world’s been broken,

and it’s spinning out of control

and I can’t feel the sunshine

from the bottom of this hole.

You know the world’s gone bankrupt

It can’t afford to pay attention

to the fall of man

and our critical dissention

They gave you candy coated lies 

and you accepted that shit,

because they played it on the radio

Made sure it’s a hit;

and you couldn’t comprehend

the way they read it to you.

Still you gobbled it up so long as

They cut it up and fed it to you,

and you only did that

Because “they say” that’s what “you’re s’posed to do”

"Just be a part of the plan, and follow it through"

The world’s been broken,

and it’s spinning out of control,

and we’re left with just two options,

either hold on or let go.

I can’t say what path you should take

I’m busy tryin’ to find my own

Now, we can help each other lookin’,

or you can leave me the hell alone.

I keep tryin’ to see the blue in the darkest of skies

But it’s getting hard to look up without closing your eyes

Cause every time you do, it’s another demise

Another “hero” falls, another precious child dies

and we’re lost somewhere between the truth and the lies

Got the volume so loud we don’t even hear the cries

Realize- we are one in a spiritual sense,

and while life is a game of no recompense,

the best that we can do

Is hold onto me and you

And maybe someday soon we’ll see a break through

But the world’s still broken

It’s getting harder just to try

Whether or not you’re at the top

Or barely getting by….