A Fun Place for Birds (and Music!)

I am a fan of birds. It’s a recurring theme for me. I used to call it an occupational hazard as, for many years, I presented bird shows at zoos, schools, and nature centers. I’ve also been a falconer for many years. So, it would not surprise anyone to hear that I went to a place called the World Bird Sanctuary near Valley Park, MO, last week.

Full disclosure: I started my career working in nonprofits, and working with wildlife as an intern at the World Bird Sanctuary. Back then it was called the, “Raptor Rehabilitation and Propagation Project, Inc.,” or RRPP for short. In total I worked for them for several summers in varying capacities, and I still have friends who work there. We’re all older now, but still friends!

I chose last Thursday night in particular for my visit so that I could combine my interest in birds with my passion for music. Every Thursday night during the month of August, the World Bird Sanctuary is hosting live music on their outdoor stage. It was a real treat to watch the audience enjoy close-up views of hawks, owls, and others while simultaneously having a live band perform. Last Thursday was WBS’s “house band” with staff and volunteers playing bird-themed tunes that were fun for the kids and adults alike.

So, although I am a little biased (ok, maybe a lot biased), I highly recommend visiting WBS on a Thursday evening this month. Infact, I recommend visiting it during the day too! Walk around, see the birds on exhibit as well. They do great work there, and play really fun music!

Check out their website for more info: www.worldbirdsanctuary.org