We are not disabled. We are not your guinea pigs. We are your equal. 
We are players. We are athletes. We are footballers. We are the same. 
We are playing the beautiful game, the same beautiful game. 
If men are treated with real grass, so should we. 

the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup is being played on turf while the men’s world cup was played on real grass because it was too dangerous for the athletes. 

please stand up to this sexism and #protecttheathlete
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You know what? Fuck the sport bible. And fuck the world cup cameramen. They were quite literally the biggest creeps on earth, seeking out attractive women and filming them for excessively uncomfortable periods of time. Many of the women were visibly annoyed and uncomfortable. they know they were scouted by some idiot who needs to get a real job. the womens world cup is this year and 1st place will win just $1 million compared to the $32 million the men win. They will also play on artificial turf. FIFA didnt even think the women were worth it enough to get real grass for them. FIFA even lists women as ‘disabled’ in their Laws of the Game. FIFA cares more about showing attractive women in the crowds to millions of people regularly throughout a mens world cup game, more than they care about the actual womens world cup. FIFA is quite literally the worst organisation to ever exist and I really cannot wait till these sexist old white french men die and are hopefully replaced with more progressive ones.