worktheangle said:

Would hate to see you leave... you're one of the tumblrs I always keep my eye on!

ha wow, idk  that you cared so much. But I just have a lot going on at this point. But like I said I might be back, but you blog so much better than mine haha 

worktheangle said:

Hey, thanks so much for purchasing a print. That's one of my faves. I think it'll take about two weeks to get there. I don't deal with any of the shipping when it's through Society6, they do. Thanks again, nice to know my work will be hanging in your place.

That’s great, thank you! I’d buy more, but I’m just a poor student at the moment haha. I look forward to its arrival!


whilliker replied to your photo: Thank you SO MUCH for your support and good vibes!…

Hey you didn’t answer the bottom question, you definitely should :3

mayes-zhavvorsi asked you:
       Your blog is quite lovely. Care to share some of your favorites?

Well, I’ve avoided picking favorites for a reason. I can’t find a way to do so fairly. But, I suppose I can answer that question in a modified form.

Here are a couple of blogs off the top of my head with original content or posts, that I think deserve more viewers: